The Fed has shown itself to be very innovative, with its various programs to try to grow the economy. But in inventing the taper I believe that they have surpassed the already high bar they set with QE3.

I think that their innovative usage of the term “taper” has expanded the creative possibilities of literature, marketing and communication, to name just a few. I want to promote their insight to the rest of us to show how it can be leveraged in other areas of human endeavor, to all of our benefits.

So here are a few suggestions for anyone who has a love of and deep appreciation for the creative use of language on how to use this sophisticated technique pioneered by economists, whom we normally would never credit with such high levels of imagination.

The Expurgated Fed Dictionary of Taperisms

You get the idea.

I think that the above could be used with benefit by White House spokespeople, civil servants, politicians, CEOs and other leaders to help refine their communications with their adoring publics.

I herewith respectfully nominate Ben Bernanke for a new award in literature (called the Literataper of course) where I believe his achievements to be even more impressive than those in economics and high finance. We can only hope that Janet Yellen can keep up the same blistering pace of literary progress in her forthcoming tenure.

QE4 anyone?