Perth Leadership Institute - Leadership assessment Fri, 10 Jul 2020 00:38:44 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Do most leaders lack business acumen?
Uh oh, GE just warned of another year of falling profits . It recently sold off its BioPharma unit making investors feel a bit better, until they realized things were still getting worse. GE needed to do something after cutting its dividend and reporting a huge loss . Jack Welch would be turning in his grave except for the fact that he’s alive. Do ...]]> (etedprince) Economics and finance Sat, 23 Mar 2019 07:55:39 +0000
Labor still beats capital in leadership development
As is my wont I was recently idly surfing the net checking out stuff about leadership. I ran across the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine , a very good publication I am sure. Here were its three top headlines on the leadership page: 3 Tough Habits You Must Drop to Succeed 9 Things Managers Do That Make Good Employees Quit 22 Qualities That Make...]]> (etedprince) Leadership Sat, 27 Aug 2016 13:05:41 +0000
Could you purposely redesign your personality with a pill?
Another apparently useless piece of information, courtesy of researchers at the University of Virginia and the University of Massachusetts medical School. It looks like particular chemicals in your immune system cause you to be social . Specifically it’s a molecule called gamma interferon. Who would have thunk it? For some reason, the immune system...]]> (etedprince) Leadership Sat, 30 Jul 2016 14:35:26 +0000
The Difference between Agile and Supple Leadership
So where did I get “supple leadership” from? I made it up of course! Actually I was reflecting on the now widespread use of the term “agile leadership”. It’s in use by many companies and there are even assessments for it now such as one from Korn/Ferry . Even I have been guilty of using the term (see my post “ Can Behavioral Agility Be Learned? ”) ...]]> (etedprince) Leadership Sat, 23 Jul 2016 12:41:38 +0000
A Turing Test for Leadership?
Did you notice that the next Apple developer’s conference will focus on Siri ? Meanwhile the digital assistants’ wars have heated up with Google Assistant , Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa . These all aim to create a human-like assistant that can interact through voice. Nor are these the only entries. We also have Watson from IBM, NELL from ...]]> (etedprince) Leadership Sat, 25 Jun 2016 15:09:26 +0000
Would Trump be a Billionaire without his Inheritance?
Is this the elephant in the room? Trump's frequent allusions to his vast wealth and to how smart he is sounds awfully like the rich son who inherited it all but wants to convince everyone else – and himself – that really he did it all himself. So I thought I would do an analysis of this question. I think I’m well qualified to do that. For the past ...]]> (etedprince) Economics and finance Sat, 18 Jun 2016 12:33:52 +0000
An Inconvenient Truth - Alpha Financial Styles Beget Ginormous Returns
Apologies to Al Gore for another inconvenient truth. There’s been a lot of talk about alpha these days, but not just about investments. Trump, Putin - alpha is definitely in vogue. As in alpha male. Like Tarzan. Does that tell us something about the investing world? Yep it does. Check out my book The Three Financial Styles of Very Successful Leader...]]> (etedprince) Economics and finance Sat, 04 Jun 2016 09:25:47 +0000
Behavioral M&A – Yahoo Needed It But Too Late Now
So what’s behavioral M&A anyhows? See here for the skinny , will tell you more below. When Marissa Mayer was appointed CEO I predicted she would fail. Right on the money (“ Yahoo – Product Bling 1, Business Acumen 0 ”). Was the problem Ms. Mayer or something else? How about the 70 or so acquisitions she made? They cost around $4 billion; it’s n...]]> (etedprince) Economics and finance Fri, 18 Mar 2016 23:06:10 +0000
“The Big Short” – The Real Problem with Ratings
Did you see “The Big Short”? I’m sure Bernie Sanders is having a field day, his ticket to the big job he thinks. It’s worth seeing if only to reveal the zeitgeist in 2007, a fin de siècle moment. Naturally it paints the banks and the ratings companies in the darkest of colors. So what went wrong with the mortgage bonds and such-like? The film sugge...]]> (etedprince) Economics and finance Fri, 19 Feb 2016 15:32:55 +0000
Behavioral Economics & Finance Need a Killer App (ahem)
So if you look at my LinkedIn profile you’ll see that I am billed (inter alia) as a thought leader in behavioral finance. So why would I be casting aspersions on my chosen field? A while back I was discussing behavioral economics and finance with a very senior executive (British btw) for strategy and innovation in a well-known and respected global ...]]> (etedprince) Economics and finance Sat, 13 Feb 2016 14:34:43 +0000
Can we create irrational AI?
Did you notice that an AI program from Google just beat a top human player at Go ? It’s a big deal; the chess problem was solved years ago but Go was still a challenge. So now that problem has fallen, AI has got to go to the next step. What will that be I wonder? The problem is getting more difficult as we come to understand that humans aren’t the ...]]> (etedprince) Economics and finance Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:29:32 +0000
Mother Knows Best – Leadership is Innate in Women, Learned In Men
Did you see that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, just got Time’s Person of the Year ? She’s the only Western leader who can deal with Putin. She’s really the leader of “united” Europe which has the combined heft of the US. So she certainly deserves it. Definitely in the same class as Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir. Outshines any of the other Eu...]]> (etedprince) Leadership Sat, 12 Dec 2015 15:11:43 +0000
Tinderizing Leadership
I guess you’ve heard of Tinder ? New Age dating app: see photo, swipe left for reject, right to accept. You’re on. Major sensation amongst singles. Tinder recently announced big news . In future it will have a special space to list your job and education. Yep, never had it before. I guess that’s why it has had the reputation of being a hookup site ...]]> (etedprince) Leadership Sat, 14 Nov 2015 16:09:05 +0000
Do personality tests work?
Personality tests have been around since the beginning of the 20 th century. They are part of the routine for HR organizations everywhere, especially for pre-employment testing. But do they work? Raising this question might appear to be heresy. But remember, the whole theory behind them dates from psychoanalytic and early psychological theory. We k...]]> (etedprince) Leadership assessment Mon, 11 May 2015 08:20:40 +0000
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