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Perth Leadership Institute has developed

an entirely new approach to behavioral

finance and human capital management..

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Financial Outcome Assessment™

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The Financial Signature® is a core concept

in PLOM™. It shows your level of business

acumen. Several important consequences..

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Our Most Recent Posts

14 June 2021
Economics and finance
  One Million Cryptos? Cryptocurrencies are hot. Many of the companies are public so they are attracting a lot of attention. I published a blog recently in which I pointed out that there are about 4,000 crypto companies but there could be more than a...
05 June 2021
UFOs are Officially Official So now UFOs are hitting the big time with a report from the US government on the topic. The report is now out but actually we’re none the wiser as to what these UFOs actually are. So, here’s my ha’penny’s worth. You know ...

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