Revolutionizing M&A with the Cognitive Alpha™ Approach

Perth has a unique approach to M&A which provides a new channel for value creation in these situations. This approach is based on our model of behavioral finance which
 demonstrates that the financial styles of management teams and the financial cultures of the merging organizations are critical factors in the success or otherwise of the combination.

Using Cognitive Alpha™ in M&A

The Perth approach to M&A is applied to the following phases of M&A transactions:

M&A Integration Program

The Perth program is used for the following phases:

Benefits of the Cognitive Alpha™ Approach

By using the Perth approach, an organization takes specific account of behavioral financial factors in the success of an acquisition, which are not usually formally


It increases the attractiveness of an acquirer through demonstrating sensitivity to cultural and behavioral issues.

It supports and enhances a creative strategy to minimize adverse stock impact from dilutive acquisition