Perth Leadership Outcome Coaching

Perth’s Unique Business-Targeted Coaching Method


Even in the world of leadership development, things aren’t staying the same. New research and findings from neuroscience, neurology, behavioral economics and finance are also shaking up our area too.

But many leadership programs haven’t caught with the momentous changes. We have! In fact we have been instrumental in creating some of them through our own unique and innovative research which we have conducted over many years.

Our research results have shaken up the world of leadership assessment and development. This work has also led to the development of a radically new way of coaching, TOPP-TALK™. This offers a new vision for executive development and improvement which simultaneously offers a new way to improve the profitability and valuation of leadership teams and companies.

The Perth Difference

Perth Outcome Coaching is a unique and innovative coaching method that uses new findings from the behavioral disciplines to tailor executive behaviors such that they result in better business and financial outcomes. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge new techniques.

Traditional coaching focuses on three major topics:

  1. Improving interpersonal and team effectiveness
  2. Improving values such as trust, engagement and loyalty
  3. Improving communications on vision company functioning
  4. Improving performance feedback.

In many situations these can be important ways of improving executive and leadership effectiveness. But there are many situations where an executive doesn’t need this type of help. What she needs is help that focuses on the links between her behaviors and her intended career outcome, and her intended impacts on business and financial outcomes for her team, division and company. This is the area for which TOPP-TALK™ was specifically designed.

In today’s world, where financial and business results are vital and paramount for most executives, Perth believes that many executives require coaching that is practical and focused on the business and financial results for which they receive their compensation and recognition. We believe that such coaching should provide concrete guidance that leads to improved results that are objective, measurable, quantifiable and very visible. These results should be able to be achieved after just one or two sessions, not the numerous sessions that are usually required with traditional coaching. TOPP-TALK™ has been specifically designed to do all of these things.

Perth Outcome Coaching focuses strictly on coaching that will help achieve specific, measurable outcomes in the following areas:

  1. Career
  2. Business
  3. Financial

The goal behind TOPP-TALK™ is that the coachee must finish the coaching program with at least 2 high-impact suggestions that will provide readily visible and/or measurable business or financial results within 1-2 months. By “high-impact” we specifically mean the following:

  1.  It will have an immediate impact
  2. The impact will be visible to others and be seen as high-impact to them as well as to the coachee
  3. The impact will relate to either the specific career objectives of the coachee and/or to business and financial outcomes

2.       Where the impact is on business and financial outcomes, it will lead to improved business and financial outcomes for the coachee’s team, division or company at least in the short-term and also to the medium- and longer-term..

  1. Where the impact is specifically on financial results, these will be measurable and visible in financial statements
  2. The suggestions will be insightful and unlikely to have been thought of by either the coachee herself, or her supervisors, colleagues, peers or subordinates.
  3. The suggestions will be practical.
  4. The suggestions will result in sustainable behavioral change.

The Unique Science behind Perth Outcome Coaching

Perth Outcome Coaching leverages key findings that have emerged from the leading edge of neuroscience, behavioral finance and behavioral economics. These findings show, amongst other things, the existence of unconscious cognitive biases that drive our decisions without us being aware of them.

Perth’s unique behavioral assessments utilize these findings to identify and measure the cognitive biases that drive financial outcomes through behavior. Our assessments are based on rigorous research which has been published in two books and numerous article and publications.

Our assessments have been completed by thousands of managers and executives all over the world, in the very largest global corporations, as well as some of the most entrepreneurial companies which are much smaller and usually faster.

We use this body of unique research and findings to show executives how their behaviors and unconscious cognitive biases are impacting their career and business and financial outcomes. We then utilize our proprietary behavioral framework to design behavioral interventions for them which will help improve outcomes in these areas. We utilize all of these in conducting our coaching programs.

One of the key principles underlying our method is the use of a technique developed by Perth called Proprioceptive Priming™. This leverages findings from behavioral science and neurology to impact behavior in ways that will improve business outcomes while avoiding the traditional problems inherent in most methods of behavioral change.

Proprioceptive Priming™ adds an entirely new dimension to coaching and to its impact on an executive’s effectiveness. This method uses not only traditional learning and training but also unique simulations that involve the coachee in new ways to stimulate behavioral change. These methods are unique to the Perth Leadership institute.

The Perth Outcome Coaching Program

Perth Outcome Coaching is usually a part of team program involving assessment, training and coaching. Our innovative and impactful behavioral assessments include:

  • Executive Outcome Assessment™
  • Financial Outcome Assessment™
  • Corporate Financial Outcome Assessment™

The overall program of which Perth Outcome Coaching forms a part usually comprises a 1-2 day training program. This provides the coachee with an understanding of the underlying behavioral framework behind the coaching. This enables her to better understand it and use its results to improve her career, business and financial performance. This program provides the preparation for a full Perth Outcome Coaching coaching program.

A Perth Outcome Coaching coaching program comprises the following phases:

Crystallize Outcome - Formal identification of the business, financial and career outcome desired by the coachee

Visualize Role™ – a formal process of behavioral targeting which formally links to Perth business and financial outcomes.

Prime Behavior™ – a formal process of behavioral change which includes using behavioral priming and other techniques.

Activate Signaling™signals of change to elicit the right impact and response from others.

We recognize that behavioral change is difficult for most people. Without having the necessary scientific basis to understand how to change behaviors, much coaching is ineffective. However because of our research, our unique assessments and behavioral framework, and the science behind our method, including the principle of Proprioceptive Priming™, our approach is able to lead a more effective level of behavioral change than is possible compared to almost any other coaching framework globally.

Why Should You Choose Perth?

There are three compelling reasons to choose Perth to support your leadership development and training efforts:

  • It pioneered the integration of behavioral finance concepts into leadership programs and is a globally-recognized thought leader in this area.
  • It is a global leader in research into business acumen, the financial impact of managers, and in the behavioral factors driving financial and business performance.
  • It is the only company that has online assessment instruments devoted exclusively to measuring business acumen, business and financial impact. It is a pioneer in developing ways to predict company profitability and valuation based on purely behavioral techniques.