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AI IQs About to Follow Moore’s Law?

Is the Singularity about to hit humanity, unexpectedly?

The AI Virus?

I don’t have to tell you that le nouveau AI is all over the place. All the big techs are now in it or rapidly getting in but that isn’t the half of the story.

The big news is that thousands of companies and organizations are now getting in. They come from all over including our global competitors, both commercial, economic, technological and commercial. So what?

We are shortly going to see a massive quickening of the pace globally. Military is the biggest driver as well as commercial. What could possibly make the process even more rapid?

We can Plagiarize Quicker Than You Can

The AIs are going to learn from each other rather than just from us paltry humans. The exploding number of different AIs is – right as we speak – cross-pollinating each other, copying and plagiarizing and of course stealing and spoofing each other (as the current round of defense leaks show.). So, AIs are going to be commoditized rapidly as they spread and become exponentially smarter.

The rapid spread of AI is going to look like another global virus, a second coming of Covid-19. It’s going to be just as impactful as the first. It could easily result in far more fatalities, mainly through the impact on war and conflict.

More Moore’s

The AI race is going to closely resemble 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。  the exponential growth in the number of transistors that could be put on a chip. But this time the outcome will be the intelligence of the AI, its IQ if you like.

One of the key product drivers will be harnessing biotech approaches to achieve breakthrough rates of IQ growth a la Moore. These will include using approaches from DNA, RNA and protein-folding to drive the number of permutations the AI can digest and deal with.

The number of categories that AI deals with is already exploding, far beyond the original text, image, video paradigms. Militaries are going to need to get on the bandwagon if they are not to be terminally left behind. Scientists are going to need to figure out how these systems will be applied to human issues, both individual and social.

Rating AIs

This will necessitate the emergence of rating systems to evaluate the thousands- and even millions -of AIs out there. We will all need metrics to distinguish between them in their intelligence, performance and, yes, compliance – as the systems are increasingly applied to regulatory and governmental functions.

What does this all mean? It’s what Ray Kurzweil predicted as the advent of integrated human and machine intelligence in what he called the Singularity. Until recently that looked to be still far off. But now with the proliferation and commoditization of AIs we are almost there, maybe 5- 10 years at a max.

If humanity makes it that far, that is.









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