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Coronavirus a Huge Opportunity for Almost Everyone!

Move It!


What, is this guy bonkers or want? Probably. But then again….

Someone up there just gave you a month, or perhaps even more, to stay at home and in many cases do what you like. So why not take advantage of it? There’s not usually many offers like this in the normal course of the world.

So yeah, I going to give you some ideas on how you can take advantage. But first a tiny little word of caution. About your physical health.

Lots of the new stay-at-homes are going to watch TV, play on their smartphone, or play videogames. Nothing wrong with that, but if that’s all they’re going to do, they’re going to add a lot of weight and degrade their health.

So, in the ideas below, I’m going to have a little bias to keep people moving and doing things that actually require physical exertion. You know, like you, well, actually sweat, god forbid. Its all in the course of you taking this opportunity to do some things that will lead to a longer, higher quality, more purposeful life.


The Coronavirus Hit List

So here we go:

The Chief Family Butt Kicker

Turn your hobby into a business

Do business plan for new business

Polish up your resume

Develop a new career plan

Develop new resume for job change/career transition

Set out a new life plan

Research job in the new career

Develop a course for others based on your own skills and experience

Learn a new manual skill like carpentry or flooring/laying wooden tiles


Chief  Bookworm

Read a book/books

Read all of Dickens’ novels

Write a book

Write an article about your hobby

Learn a new language like Chinese or Sindarin (Elvish language from Middle Earth)


The Chief Exercise Officer

Prepare an exercise plan

If you’re a runner, start preparing for a marathon

If you’re not, wake up and smell the coffee - run a slow half mile every two days

In any case, walk at least a mile, shirker!

Do floor exercises every day like 5BX

Show your kids how to do floor exercises

Learn yoga that is good for you yourself

Buy a bike

Go cycling with your kids/spouse


Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Play Monopoly as a family

Set up a family website

Conduct family lessons in cooking

Wash your car with your kids

Wash and disinfect your whole house

Make family photo album/family calendar for 2020 (e.g. Shutterfly)


Chief Family Administrative Officer

Prepare a will

Collect your old papers and certificates

Re-organize your house

Throw away things you have been hoarding

Prepare for garage sale after coronavirus

Write a family history

Prepare and develop your own medical history

Prepare family medical history for each family member

Set up a friends’ digital notifications in case of a medical emergency


Chief Communer with Nature

Plant some vegetables

Plant flowers

Plant some bushes

Plant some trees

Plant seeds

learn bonsai

learn flower-arranging

Join a birdwatching club to start after lockdown

Start a compost bin






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