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Honey, I Shrunk the (Kids, Whoops) Universe!

We humans made a huge mistake in our design for exploring the universe – we are looking through the wrong end of the telescopes!

Eye in the Sky

I’m sure you have heard heaps about the James Webb Telescope – definitely a technological breakthrough and a gigantic step towards understanding the known universe a bit better. Now we’ve got another addition, the Euclid Telescope courtesy of the European Space Agency. On the face of it these are revolutionary. But no, not really, for a simple but totally ignored issue. We’re looking through the wrong ends of each of these telescopes. Literally.

How could that be? Pray tell more Oh Blog Seer, since, if the problem is that massive, how come you’re the only person in the world to see it? Please tell us this is a joke so we can go on developing real science and astronomy on an even more ambitions scale. Yeah, yeah.

The pix from the JWT are amazing, that is, if you’re an astronomer. Trillions upon trillions of shining bright dots. The universe is so big that each of these dots could be thousands of galaxies, each itself comprising millions of stars. The telescope can make them appear bigger, but each dot has trillions of worlds unto itself. If there’s someone there, or something out of the ordinary (whatever that means in the case of an undefinably massive place) we can’t, see or discern it.

Taylor Does Star-Trek Too?

Let’s say Taylor Swift is out there. Still can’t see her, with these telescopes, at least not her normal size. What if we enlarge the Taylor-dot millions of times? Same. If Taylor steps in front of a virus primed for terrestrial conditions and perspectives, can it then see her? Nope, she’s just too big.

The only way the virus would see her was if she was magnified trillions of times so that she is ultra-super massive compared to the virus. Then we can see her. But of course, our telescopes were never designed to do that. What would you do with a super-duper-sized Taylor anyway? Give one hell of a big concert wethinks. What do we get alien fans from though?

The Australian Solution – Walk on Your Head

There’s another way. The virus could simply go for a stroll around to the back of the telescope, its wrong end. If you look through the wrong end. Taylor Swift will be visible to the virus because now, she is so incredibly small. The telescope has become a microscope as seen by the virus!

That’s it! Eureka, we have to make things way bigger so we can see them so that the telescope-now-microscope is finally bringing too-big-to-see objects down in size so that viruses and other little things can see them at the right scale for the circumstances.

Isn’t that what we need to do with these microscopes? Turn them around so that we can see little things by making them big? We’ve now made the telescope an instrument for seeing macrostructures on an amazingly super macro scale.

It’s a problem for us little species gnomes. If there are any really big things out there, we miss them because they are so big that we only see such a tiny little bit of it that we don’t register it’s actually a tiny part of what we are seeing. We’re getting an ant-eye view. Any macro-object out there, natural or made by someone or something, is similarly hidden. If we humans on some huge scales are part of a massive human body in space, we will never know it. So, we could realize we are on its nose, and we need to get to the brain, or mouth, whatever.

Our telescopes are built with the wrong approach and the wrong scales. The perspective they provide is actually the absolute opposite of what we really need. That’s the problem of being human and super-duper tiny. We built the scope from the wrong end of telescope.

We should be looking from a macro view not a human view. We need a God’s eye view not a human view. The real observer (the Intelligent Designer) is trillions of times – infinitely - our size, maybe orders of magnitude at several orders of magnitude different perspective.

Think Small!!

Same for the Euclid telescope and all the telescopes to come. If we want to see the super-sized Taylor, we gotta think differently. And of course, we are not just looking for Taylor Swift (although we might be), we are looking for any macro-object of interest, such as the monuments of alien civilizations, and so on, like a Dyson Sphere (an hypothetical macro-structure built by aliens, now becoming trendy again amongst alien-watchers)or other such objects.

Or “natural” macro-objects such as the Pillars of Hell, whatever that might be. New telescopes should take the view that there is a virtual Intelligent Designer and structure the perspective accordingly.

Now course, with these telescopes we are also looking for other stuff, like for instance life on exoplanets. Recently the JWT has claimed to see lights from possible aliens on exoplanets. That’s probably unlikely but nonetheless we are trying to see them too, so our telescope should be capable of seeing from both ends.

And not the very largest or the very smallest objects, but also the ones that come between, so we are searching for objects at all macro- and micro-scales in between. Could we call them panopticons?

Plebescopes Too?

Now I am but a tiny object myself with absolutely no astronomical or cosmological knowledge whatsoever. So, is there any message here that could be of value to the scientific celebrities that conceive of and build these amazing instruments?

I personally believe that the Earth’s plebs and the rest of us are particularly interested in everyday life on both Earth and in the cosmos, especially at several universes removed. Don’t these plebs and the universe’s great unwashed also deserve the attention of the telescope makers and NASA?

Maybe our plebs and their plebs could get together for the biggest Taylor concert ever!  Wouldn’t this open up new vistas in space and time too, new artistic and cultural possibilities too?

How about telescope designers develop and build telescopes that also can see the likes of Taylor Swift and other singers and entertainers at super-macro scales so that if they are there, we can see them. And not just Taylors, but also macro-objects of a cosmic size that also are of natural or other origins. Preferably ones that entertain and make music or the alien equivalent. Maybe sex in the stars?

I say that we should design and build totally new types of scopes, one that both enlarge and diminish astronomical images so that one instrument can be a telescope and a microscope too in the way I have described above.

My humble suggestion is that the scope wouldn’t just have two ends to do this. They would be circular, and the circle would incorporate an infinitely scalable set of perspectives and images proceeding from the smallest to the largest.

 A scope that would be able to see the biggest and the smallest things and everything between at all levels of magnification. One that would leave us to see everything in one fell swoop.

The resulting plebescope would be made for scientists and plebs, useable by Taylor Swift fans and hip scientists alike with even the footballers like Travis Kelce (Taylor/s current squeeze) included too so that they never miss one Multiverse championship and can watch their players as they perform (unfortunately at this stage not in real-time).

Fans of the world let’s make sure we never miss another Taylor concert no matter where it happens to be!

Why not?







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