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What's an MBA Really Worth Post Covid-19?

Is there a problem with MBA degree? And the people who earn them?

Our research into behavioral finance (what’s that!!!) shows an inverse correlation between MBAs  (and any higher degree in finance) and business acumen. Just thought I would throw it out there to dispel rumors that the educated hoi polloi are going to be the movers and shakers to get us out of this mess.

And on this precise issue, I was recently a guest on The Ed Eppley Experience Podcast, sharing how behavioral finance may be your best weapon during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out my episode, “Why Your MBA May Be Useless in Today’s World” to listen to the whole story. (link:  #EdEppleyExperience #professionalmanagement #smart #healthy #focusedmanagementpro #sustainability

I talked with Ed Eppley about how now, more than ever, your behaviors will determine how well your company emerges from the COVID-19 crisis. Listen to my interview on the Ed Eppley Experience Podcast here: (link:  #EdEppleyExperience #professionalmanagement #smart #healthy #focusedmanagementpro #sustainability

Covid-19 is forcing us all to question our basic beliefs and shibboleths. The MBA is one of them, in fact one of the biggest.




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