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Beyond AI - Dementia & Boosted Natural Intelligence

Is there something better, and more reliable than AI, namely what I am calling BNI (boosted natural intelligence)? Old Before Their Time One of the deep undying tragedies of our times is the growing ranks of seniors with dementia, of which there are many varieties. The various approaches to finding a palliative – not a cure, we’re nowhere near yet ...

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Ultra-Processed Foods Are Great?!

The killjoys are on the march again. Ultra-processed is next to Godliness. Big Food Seems like you can’t read an article anywhere without being told that the reason that so many of us are obese or big is because we eat too much ultra-processed food. That’s got me to thinking and even, ultraly ruminating. Is a nicely turned steak with a carefully an...

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Two Birds with One Stone? Are We About to Defeat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

Both diseases lead to dire human suffering and dispiriting global social and economic impacts. Did we just find the secret to curing them? A Little Bit of Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing OK just for the record, I have no medical qualifications whatsoever. Just an average but curious citizen wanting to do my little bit if I can find something I might...

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Obesity Drugs Crush Fitness, Expand Screen Time?

What if, in defeating obesity, we get worse bodies and new and serious medical conditions? Everyone’s a Weight Winner These obesity drugs are changing everything. If you are badly overweight, they are transformational. Since there are so many people in this category globally, we can expect huge numbers of people to take them eventually. In the deve...

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Will Obesity Drugs Make Us Even Less Healthy?

The deluge of new anti-obesity drugs will massively reduce obesity. Will that mean those who take the drugs will be able to eat what they like? How will that affect public health? More is Merrier Yep, so obesity drugs are now the in thing. And its great news it seems. They work very quickly and in the vast majority of cases don’t have bad side effe...

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Can AI Find a Cure for Alzheimer’s?

The big, big problem. No cure so far for Alzheimer’s, none in sight. We need to try something really new. How about ChatGPT? Physician Cure Thyself I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that AI, and in particular the product-du-jour is ChatGPT from OpenAI. It has already achieved some outstanding feats, such as being able to write fluent, convincing an...

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Does Exercise Really Make You Smarter?

We’ve been schooled into believing that exercise improves cognitive performance. Now we have a scientific trial that says it doesn’t. What do we do now? Slothfulness Beats Godliness? Once every so often you get data that upsets the whole applecart. Here is one of them. Researchers at the University of Washington and the University of California San...

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Wishful Thinking or Just Tragic Delusion in Alzheimer’s?

Yet another Alzheimer’s drug, lecanemab, is hitting the FDA seeking approval, but looks to be of marginal benefit at best. Wishful thinking is squelching the radical actions we need to take to break through to a cure. Without radical thinking we will never get a cure for Alzheimer’s. More is Less The history of Alzheimer’s drugs continues to be dep...

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The Alzheimer’s Research Fiasco – 1% Fraud, 99% Groupthink

We have posted on numerous occasions that the global research industry for Alzheimer’s was taking the wrong route. Even we didn’t suspect that there was deliberate fraud. The Low Road For many years we have posted our opinion that worldwide research for Alzheimer’s had taken the wrong path. That path of course was the amyloid hypothesis. We said th...

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Could carrying abortion pills lead to arrests for carrying guns?

Could carrying abortion pills lead to arrests for carrying guns? We’ve just created a new market for illegal drugs. It might lead to cross-liability for carrying guns. Pill Candy I recently asked a scientist friend of mine how easy it would be to manufacture the two main abortifacients – the drugs used for medical abortion. While no expert, he told...

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Forget Any Hope of a Cure for Alzheimer’s in the Foreseeable Future

Yeah, there’s tons of research but the Alzheimer’s community, well-meaning as it is, is wedded to bureaucratic approaches which have totally stymied any true innovation. Definition of Insanity Applies OK, everyone will say how much research is going on in the field and the setbacks are just temporary, yada yada. But the failures in the Alzheimer’s ...

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Is the Crisis in Mental Health Caused by Climate Change?

We now realize that we won’t solve climate change. Is that why mental health globally has just taken a big turn for the worse? Climate Change Again Yeah, I know, climate change causes everything right? So why not problems with mental health to add to the list? But hear me out on this one as I’m not a reflexive climate change promoter. As I’m sure y...

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Viagra for Alzheimer’s?

FDA Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat? For those of you have stuck with this blog over the years you will know that I have a particular thing about Alzheimer’s. No, it isn’t because I Have it or anyone close to me has it either. It’s just that it is such a social, economic and psychic tragedy right across the world that causes untold suffer...

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Should Social Infrastructure Include Alzheimer’s?

Are Trees More Important Than People? Infrastructure has been the topic du jour. We all know that means stuff like bridges and roads, the physical side. Now we have social infrastructure. That’s stuff like free pre-K and paid family leave. All well and good. But there’s so much money involved a lot of definitions are getting stretched in the proces...

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The End of Vaccines?

I just read an article about innovation in the Harvard Business Review (“What Evolution Can Teach Us About Innovation”) by Noubar Afeyan and Gary Pisano. Noubar Afeyan is the co-founder of Moderna and a serial entrepreneur in the biotech space. Since he is a luminary in the vaccination area it got me to thinking about, well, vaccinations. He is an ...

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How About Special Visas for Home Care Workers?

  Who Cares About Home Care? How things change! A lot of Americans don’t want immigrants, especially the undocumented ones. But now we have a humongous labor shortage. So much for restricting immigration. Nowhere is the problem more acute than in home care. These days the only home care workers, other than spouses and close family are foreign. Thes...

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Are Bionic Running Shoes the Same as Doping?

    Mexican Burritos Drugged Too? So, the Japan Olympics start soon on July 23. But there’s already a casualty, namely the American runner, Shelby Houlihan, who has been banned from participating due to doping. Her story is that it was a burrito that did it hmmm. Zero tolerance, right? The World Antidoping Agency has, after years of investigative w...

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Will Covid Vaccines Permanently Harm Global Health?

I don’t have to tell you that we now have a vaccine out there for covid-19 There is widespread jubilation and a feeling that we have it beaten. How the **** could that ever be construed as bad news? Too Tough to Croak? Well here’s one for starters. “Measles Deaths Soared Worldwide Last Year, as Vaccine Rates Stalled” People aren’t getting their kid...

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When You Have a Mask, Who Needs a Face?

There’s a lot of hostility to masks. There are many reasons for that, but the health issue is a priority for most people. They wear them for safety. I wonder if we’re all missing something big. Clothing for Deep Thinkers Only, Please WFH (working from home) is now changing the fashion equation. We dress up (on our upper body) so we can look busines...

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Are Masks Causing the Recent Increases in Violence?

  #Face masks are being blamed for a lot of things, chiefly about whether or not they work for covid-19. Is it possible they are also causing an increase in violence and social conflict, globally if not already in the US? Conflicts R’Us In the US at least it seems that violent crime such as murders has increased significantly this year. There has b...

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