If You're Still Not Convinced, Listen To Our Clients

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"I have been furiously implementing changes from the insights gained at our meeting last Wednesday. It really made me rethink how we made decisions, the financial tools we used, and more importantly--the justifications we used for the decisions. I really rethought our past decisions and challenged everything about them. It has been an invaluable exercise. I have been working this through with our Executive Leadership. It has moved from skeptical to avid supporter. It is looking forward to going through the training. Actually, we will be sending our whole team....."

Bryan Toth, Co-CEO, Learning Sciences International

"When I first read this book, I felt so excited. This is a totally new approach and very practical. It introduces not only a behavioral theory of leadership, but more importantly provides a methodology to convert theory into measurable financial outcomes. I immediately introduced this into our company for senior management with training and assessments on this model. We achieved great financial results almost immediately."

Quanhua Li, General Manager, LaFarge ShiOn Cement, Beijing, China

"The Perth Leadership Institute has developed a new and intriguing model for leadership analysis. I believe that this model and its associated assessments would be invaluable to many leaders and senior executives. I recommend they take it to gain a new perspective on their leadership style and particularly its impact on the organizations they lead, now or in the future"

Manny Fernandez, Chairman Emeritus, Gartner Group (CT), Chairman, Board of Trustees, University of Florida

"What makes a leader a leader has always been somewhat ambiguous. The Perth Leadership Assessment is an attempt to determine leadership characteristics. Much like the Myers-Briggs test, but specific to leadership style, it shows the test taker his leadership strengths and weaknesses. I have found it helpful in identifying possible leadership pitfalls in my own personal makeup. This area of research has been largely neglected by the scientific community. The quantification of leadership characteristics is a worthy endeavor and should help future leaders hone their skills by encouraging the use of their strengths and balancing their weaknesses with business associates with opposing strengths. I look forward to seeing the end results of this research."

Darin Cook, President and CEO, Infinite Energy, Inc., Gainesville, FL

"My board and I completed the Executive Outcome Assessment from Perth and used it as the basis for evaluating individual and the group's expectations for the financial and operating performance of our company. This was a very worthwhile exercise. It opened up a channel for communication which has improved our overall functioning. It also provided us all with a new perspective on how to interact more effectively with each other. The increased awareness of the value that each player brings to the board has helped to make us a more efficient board which therefore increases the valuation of our company. This is a new approach and I would recommend it to any board and top management team that wish to achieve similar goals."

Kristin McLauchlan, President and CEO, Legacy Trust Company, Jacksonville, FL

"We needed to reposition our company and its product and simultaneously work with our top management team to ensure that its skills supported the repositioning. Perth Leadership's approach enabled us to do this in such a way that sales increased dramatically and our credibility with our customers increased. I would recommend that any company that needs to increase sales in a sustainable way use their services."

Alex Xie, Chairman and CEO, SFA Technologies, Inc., Edison, NJ