Senior Executive Seminars

Successful Transitioning To General Management and Achieving Executive Financial Success

Executive Seminar GraphicThe Senior Executive Seminar addresses how to achieve financial and valuation success as an executive. It focuses particularly on the personal profile and Financial Signature® of senior executives and shows how they are linked to different types of business outcomes.

Executives are generally unaware of their personal profile and Financial Signature® and how it links with specific types of business financial and valuation outcomes. In addition, personal profiles and Financial Signatures® exert a systematic bias in the business focus of which the executive is generally unaware. This bias on the part of the executive is not commonly known and knowledge of this provides the executive with a powerful approach to improving his or her financial and valuation performance. The Senior Executive Seminar sets out these patterns and the model they are based on to show how an executive can map out a clear path for self-improvement so as to improve the financial and valuation outcome of their enterprise. The leadership development model is specifically designed to improve financial and valuation performance for those who wish to advance to general management.

The leadership development model and performance improvement approach set out in the seminar is based on a proprietary methodology developed by Dr.E. Ted Prince, Founder of The Perth Leadership Institute. Perth's Leadership Outcome Model™ (PLOM) is based on extensive operating experience while actually in management. It is also based on research by The Perth Leadership Institute through its proprietary database of CEOs which it has developed over many years and continuously updates through its consulting work, through its extensive field work with CEOs and senior executives and through data from its valuation outcome assessments.

The Senior Executive Seminar Format Provides Financial and Valuation Insights for Leaders

The Senior Executive Seminar is based on a series of learning modules. Each module is followed by working groups, which provide the opportunity to explore the content of the module in more detail and in a more interactive manner. There are also individual exercises designed to guide the seminar attendee to think more about their own personal profile and their Financial Signature® and their implications for enterprise business outcomes. Case studies provide the opportunity to actually put the learning into practice in a simulated management situation.

Benefits of the Senior Executive Seminar

    • Increased profitability and financial success for the executive's organization.


    • Accelerate career progression for the executive.


  • Achieve increased personal satisfaction through better understanding of how your particular capabilities can be better utilized in your career and in your life generally.