The Financial Signature® Program

We are all hardwired in certain ways such that we all have characteristic biases that impact our decisions. This is the province of behavioral finance. Our instinctive processes result in us having characteristic biases in our decisions which have financial consequences. These are much more likely to be adverse than positive. This program shows participants what their financial biases are, how they impact financial performance and outcomes, and how you can change your behaviors in order to improve your business and financial performance.

A Financial Signature® Program is aimed at emerging managers and leaders who at some stage will get into a P&L or a cost-center role. They might not be currently in such a role but the aim is to get them to start thinking about how their behaviors impact financial outcomes so that when they get into such a role, they will understand some of the behavioral issues in a management role that specifically includes responsibility for expenses and maybe revenues and profits.

The aim of the Financial Signature® Program is to improve the financial outcomes of these managers. It is also aimed at improving the alignment between them and the unit or organization of which they form a part.


The Financial Signature® Program assesses the financial traits of team members in order to show each individually and the team as a whole how it will impact the financial outcome of the organization, including expenses, margins and profitability.

Each participant completes the Financial Outcome Assessment before the training commences.  They receive a Financial Outcome report that shows them their Financial Signature® and makes recommendations on how they can improve their financial impact   They do this within the context of a program which provides understanding of the model behind the assessment, puts them through simulations and interactive work-group exercises and so improves their self-awareness of behaviors that impact financial outcomes.

The program also shows the impact of the group or the team as a whole. It shows how the team can improve its overall financial imp-act as well as that of the individuals in it.

A Financial Signature® Program:

•    Shows the financial behaviors or each of the participants through identifying the number and types of Financial Signatures® possessed by individuals.
•    Measures and improves the ability of participants to improve their own financial impact and the profitability of their unit or organization.

A Financial Signature® Program aligns the Financial Signatures® of emerging managers and leaders with the financial objectives of the organization.

This program shows the Financial Signature® of each of the participants and how this will lead to the quite specific financial and profitability of the organization. These characteristics include the following:
•    Its expenses relative to its competition
•    Its margins relative to the competition
•    Its profitability relative to the competition.

The purpose of the program is to assess each of the individual team members to arrive at an individual and a composite team profile to show how the group will perform relative to the financial objectives of the organization. From this profile comes an identification of vulnerabilities, and corrective action needed.

The program lasts from a half-day to one full day.

The Financial Signature® Program provides value to the emerging leaders of an enterprise:

Increases the profitability of INDIVIDUAL UNITS OF AN ENTERPRISE by ……

•    Revealing where the participants and the group stands in relation to the particular financial culture in the overall company
•    Learning how to contribute to the company’s financial mission
•    Choosing the right alignment process for the group
•    Improving the organization’s financial culture to achieve its profitability goals
•    Understanding how to choose particular types of financial strategies and what they mean for enterprises’ profitability.

Enables the MANAGEMENT TEAM to …

•    Understand how a manager becomes a profitability achiever
•    Improve managerial performance by helping them to align their financial missions to the profitability goals of the enterprise,

Strengthens HUMAN RESOURCES by …

•    Providing another data point to identify and measure high potential leaders
•    Promoting a business-focused image for HR
•    Understanding how to pick managers with a winning Financial Signature®

Outcome: participants understand how their financial traits will impact their financial leadership effectiveness and have solutions to help them improve it, from a business and financial perspective.