The Leadership Cockpit® Program

We call this program the Leadership Cockpit® Program because the assessment used provides an overall view of all the business behaviors of each of the participants in one simple picture, just like a cockpit would in a plane or other machine. Plus, the Leadership Cockpit® shows how to control behaviors so that they would result in desired outcomes, again just like a real cockpit. So the aim of the Leadership Cockpit® is not just measurement but control so as to have real-world positive impacts on business performance.

A Leadership Cockpit® Program is aimed at emerging managers and leaders. The aim of the Leadership Cockpit® Program is to improve business and operational outcomes of the company by showing participants how their business personality and behaviors impact operational outcomes on a number of axes including sales, product development, marketing, finance and operations.



The Leadership Cockpit® Program assesses the business personality of team members in order to show each individually and the team as a whole how it will impact the outcome of the organization, as shown on the right.

This program shows the leadership outcome type of each of the participants and how this will lead to the quite specific business and organizational characteristics of the organization. These characteristics include the following:
•    Whether it will be sales operations, financially, product or marketing oriented.
•    Whether it will out- or under-perform competitors in terms of revenue growth, margins and profitability
•    Whether its business performance will be sustained or otherwise.

Each participant completes the Executive Outcome Assessment before the training commences. They receive an Executive Outcome Assessment report which shows them how they scored on each of the eight business personality axes that each translates to a particular operation business outcome.   They do this within the context of a program which provides an understanding of the model behind the assessment puts them through simulations and interactive work-group exercises and so improves their self-awareness of behaviors that impact business and operational outcomes.

The program includes training sessions, interactive exercises and simulations designed to help participants digest the material and to understand how to put it to practical use.

The program lasts from a half-day to one full day.












A Leadership Cockpit® Program:

•    Defines and measures business behaviors by identifying the number and types of Leadership Outcome Types possessed by individuals in the course.
•    Measures and improves the ability of both individuals and the team or group to bring about better business outcomes through understanding their own business personality at both the individual and the team level and to show them what types of behavioral, organizational and process change are needed to improve business performance.

The combination of these approaches leads to improved results in the areas of sales, marketing, quality, operations, product development and finance.
The purpose of the program is to assess each of the individual team members to arrive at a composite team profile and the impact of that profile on the business performance objectives of the unit and to align it better with the business performance objectives of the organization. From this profile comes an identification of vulnerabilities, and corrective action needed.

The Leadership Cockpit® Program provides value to every level of an enterprise:

Increases the business performance of the UNIT or ENTERPRISE by ……

•    Revealing where the individuals in the course and the group or team as a whole stand in relation to the business performance objectives of the unit of which they are a part and to the overall organization.
•    Showing how this relates their behaviors to measurable objectives such as those that come from a Balanced Scorecard Model.
•    Choosing the right alignment process to best achieve the enterprise’s business performance goals
•    Improving the organization’s performance culture to achieve its overall shareholder goals
•    Understanding how to choose particular types of business performance strategies and what they mean for enterprises’ overall performance.

Enables the MANAGEMENT TEAM to …

•    Understand how a manager becomes a business performance achiever
•    Improve managerial performance by helping them to align their own behaviors to the operational missions of the unit or enterprise,

Strengthens HUMAN RESOURCES by …

•    Providing them a set of business-focused behavioral metrics that can be used in both development and performance plans
•    Aligning managerial behaviors with the enterprise’s business performance goals
•    Implementing the correct HR processes for achieving different levels of business performance
•    Understanding how to develop the business behaviors of managers as they approach more senior positions where business performance becomes more important.

Outcome: participants understand how their business personality will impact their leadership effectiveness and have solutions to help them improve it, from a business perspective.