The Executive Outcome Assessment™

Leadership Assessment ImageFind how the organization you lead or may lead, will fare under your leadership! The Executive Outcome Assessment™ provides you with a detailed impact statement describing your leadership strengths and style so that you know in advance the kind of impact you will have on your company. Discover how your leadership style will impact your organization and what you can do to improve executive performance. Learn how your leadership style impacts your organization's financial performance, sales growth and earnings capability. The Executive Outcome Assessment™ gives you a bottom-line oriented approach that helps you lead your organization effectively.

The Executive Outcome Assessment™ is intended for senior executives, including CEOs, divisional and general managers, and other managers who aspire to general management, who have, or may have, overall responsibility for the financial success and continued growth of their enterprise. However, it also includes other managers of other and smaller profit centers, and managers of cost centers who wish to understand how their executive personal profile will impact the success of the enterprise or unit they lead.

The Executive Outcome Assessment™ also provides you with detailed recommendations and Leadership Cockpit® concerning how you can improve your leadership style so that you can improve the value and outcome of your company or enterprise. Recommendations that you can use immediately that will have a practical impact. Recommendations are based on extensive and proprietary research aimed at discovering the best ways to achieve an optimum financial and valuation outcome for the different types of leaders. Perth provides a wide variety of executive services that help you act on the results of your Executive Outcome Assessment™ which include executive and CEO and executive training, coaching and mentoring and leadership seminars designed to provide an immediate performance improvement.

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The Executive Outcome Assessment™ Report will provide a very comprehensive report on your particular leadership capabilities and potential outcomes. It will provide details of the steps you can take to improve your leadership outcome and the outcome of your enterprise.