Business Acumen Assessments

Wikipedia refers to Perth's development of our unique and innovative business acumen assessments. They are taken as part of programs to improve the financial and valuation outcome of an organization or enterprise by mid-level and senior executives as both individuals and teams.

Perth offers the following business acumen assessments:

Our assessments are designed to be used in a corporate context and environment. Due to their sophistication, they are also designed to be used as part of a program where skilled Perth consultants are available to explain their results and to show how an executive can improve his or her performance.

Perth's assessments provide guidance on how to make changes not only in an individual behavioral context, but also in an organizational and process context. Our programs typically utilize several assessments where the combined information thus obtained provides a set of rich perspectives on the linkages between individual and team Financial Signatures® and personal profiles, and potential financial and valuation performance. In utilizing our assessments you will obtain a comprehensive view of financial and valuation performance resulting from executive and leadership team profiles and a series of recommendations that will lead to unique and innovative solutions to improving your enterprise's competitive and financial position.