Research and Publications

Leadership and behavioral finance research and publications.

The Perth Leadership Institute has invested and continues to invest a significant level of resources in conducting its own research and in developing publications designed to transfer this knowledge to other researchers, executive sand other practitioners. We believe that it is an important part of our role to add to the stock of human knowledge in the vital area of leadership and executive development, as well as achieve business objectives.

We actively seek out partners and other researchers who share our interests so that we can collaborate in expanding the field of knowledge in the area of leadership and behavioral finance.


The Perth Leadership Institute has a particular research focus in the following areas:

  • The Financial Signature® of the leadership team and company valuation
  • Equity valuation and financial culture
  • Financial Signature®and industry verticals
  • Financial Signature® and succession planning
  • Financial culture and strategic planning

The research conducted by the Perth Leadership Institute is proprietary. We are prepared to provide accredited academic researchers with access to our results under conditions which will protect the investment in our intellectual property. For more information contact our Sales Department


Perth has an active program of publishing to ensure that findings from its research and client practice are communicated to corporations, other researchers and executive development professionals. A number of leading journals are also preparing reviews of our book and our research work concerning Financial Signature® and its impact on financial performance and valuation. We encourage our staff, consultants and associates to collaborate and contribute to this publishing program. We also look for opportunities to contribute our knowledge to other publications. Finally our newsletter also provides a forum, not just for Perth to present its views, but also for others to respond and critique our work to help use refine our approaches.