What is in the Wealth Activation Program

The Wealth Activation Process


There are four steps in this process. These are:

  • A behavioral audit of the key players using the Perth assessments.
  • Sessions with top and emerging leaders to show how to use this information for strategy, operations, and financial analysis and planning purposes.
  • A debrief session with assessees to use this information to improve their own financial and profit performance.
  • Show how to use this to achieve improved valuation.


A Behavioral Audit of the Key Players


Perth has three core assessments. These are the Financial Outcome Assessment, the Corporate Financial Outcome Assessment, and the Leadership Cockpit assessment. These measure the following wealth activation attributes:

  • Financial signature – innate wealth creation behavior of key individuals and teams
  • Financial mission – the current, learned wealth activation approach being used by individuals and teams
  • Corporate financial mission – the wealth creation approach being used currently by the organization and the level of alignment with the wealth creation approach currently being used by individual leaders and team.

These assessments provide comprehensive reports on all the aspects of wealth creation by leaders and key subsidiary leaders in the organization. They provide information on the key cognitive biases for all these people so as to predict their results in terms of financial outcome, impact on valuation and business outcomes as distinct from financial outcomes.

Coaching and Feedback Sessions


One or more sessions are conducted with all key leaders who have been assessed. This provides them with information customized just for them on what behaviors are creating wealth and which behaviors are detracting from this end.

Particular issues addressed include:

  • How they can improve their own financial mission
  • What financial mission they should be pursuing
  • Their level of alignment with the financial mission of the organization that will achieve the optimum valuation outcome
  • How they need to change their leadership style to meet the optimum business impact and financial valuation of the company

Training and Debrief Session with Assessees


AS full training session with assessees is held so that they can understand the linkage between their behaviors and the financial and valuation impacts. This is important because they will not already know. In addition, it is very unlikely they will be aware of their own cognitive biases and how this affecting their financial and valuation impact.

In general, this session will last between one half-day and two days depending on the level of depth the organization wants, and the individuals require. In these sessions there will be interactive groups to show participants how these behavioral processes work in practice and to provide an interactive learning environment for concepts that will be unfamiliar to almost everyone in the session.

Strategy Session

 There will need to be a high-level strategy session following the preceding steps. The aims of the strategy session are:

  1. To identify the company’s optimum financial mission
  2. The actuary valuation that his implies for the company
  3. Which people need development effort to achieve changes in financial mission to be better aligned
  4. Positions in which different behaviors are required or where behaviors need to be changed appropriately
  5. The extent to which behaviors can be changed or not
  6. The level of change needed to achieve the optimum valuation and whether or not the people involved can achieve this.


Who Will Benefit from This Unique Approach?


  • Founders and CEOs of family-owned companies
  • Family and non-family executives and emerging leaders
  • Wealth and portfolio advisers
  • Registered investment advisers
  • Investors and family offices
  • Board directors





Managerial Risk Solutions

These solutions focus on individual managers such as CEOs, founders and other key people who individually have a highly significant impact on the company’s valuation potential and outcome. These solutions provide the following:

  • Assess the manager’s financial signature and likely valuation and financial performance impact
  • Assess the manager’s potential to meet the fund manager’s objectives from a corporate governance perspective


 Individual Manager Risk Assessment

This product assesses single managers chosen by the client.

  • Financial signature and valuation impact
  • Corporate outcome of leadership style
  • Corporate governance impact


Multiple Managers Risk Assessment

This product assesses multiple mangers each from their perspective as an individual using the same methodology as for individual managers. It can be used especially for M&A situations. It focuses on:

  • Bench strength
  • Complementarity
  • Ability to achieve financial objectives


Team Risk Assessments

This product takes into account team dynamics to assess the impact of the team, rather than just the individual members, to impact valuation outcome and corporate governance. This is a more sophisticated analysis.

  • Team financial signature and valuation impact
  • Team corporate outcome impact of leadership styles
  • Team corporate governance impact


Portfolio Managerial Risk Solutions

Part Portfolio Solutions

These focus on portfolio segments as defined by the client. These segments may be based on industry, type of investment, investment size, and fund objectives and so on. These solutions assess the segment risk of the component mangers and teams using the methodologies in individual managerial risk solutions by adding in composite risk assessments at the portfolio segment level.

Whole Portfolio Managerial Risk Solutions

This solution focuses on whole portfolio managerial risk solutions. This analysis makes recommendations on:


Portfolio Configuration Solutions

This is an investment strategy solution. Working within the client we assess the possible investment options and rate them according to managerial risk assessments, and rate the overall portfolio impact of various investment combinations.


Portfolio Managerial Alerts

This solution is a retainer service that keeps a watch on companies designated by clients to provide ongoing monitoring of managerial changes and the likely impact on financial performance and valuation outcome of these changes.


Buy and Sell Recommendations

This is a custom service to make recommendations for the client portfolio to provide ongoing research on companies to identify buy and sell points and to make recommendations as to the timing and manner of these actions.