Financial Outcome Assessment™

The Financial Signature® is a core concept in PLOM™. Several important consequences can be derived from the Financial Signature® related to valuation outcome of an enterprise and the financial performance of an executive or team. The Financial Outcome Assessment™ results for an individual can also show the outcome of an enterprise under their control if and when they reach a position of leadership.

The Financial Outcome Assessment™ (FOA) assessment is an advanced instrument that provides the individual’s Financial Signature® and potential valuation outcomes of their enterprise. It is targeted towards senior executives, managers and those individuals that aspire to a position of leadership at any level that has an impact on the market value of any enterprise. It is used not only by those who lead, or could lead, a profit center, but also for those who are or will be responsible for a cost center. For any individual not in a leadership position it will show them the likely valuation outcome of their leadership at any level in either a profit or a cost center.

The FOA offers a profile of the Financial Signatures® of an individual, a team or a potential team of individuals who need to work together to achieve an outcome which will improve the market value of their enterprise, organization, unit or division.

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The FOA takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. It is usually part of a Valuation Alignment Program™ or as part of a consulting assignment with Perth.