The Leadership Cockpit®

Perth has developed the concept of the Leadership Cockpit® which encapsulates in one diagram a visual picture of the type of business outcomes that an executive's capabilities will lead to in his or her particular case. Rather than attempting to make sense of a large number of competencies, the Perth approach allows the business impact of an executive to be seen and comprehended immediately without further analysis.

The Leadership Cockpit® is generated from the Executive Outcome Assessment. This assessment provides not only an independent view of the business outcome resulting from an executive's natural behavior, but also is used in conjunction with the Financial Outcome Assessment to show how an executive can change and align his or her financial mission more closely with that of their organization and to improve their own financial performance.

The Leadership Cockpit® is another innovative model from the Perth Leadership Institute, based on extensive field research and analysis which provides organizations with the ability to predict business and financial outcomes resulting from executive behavior and to show how these outcomes can be measurably improved.