The Executive Outcome Sample Assessment

After completing the Executive Outcome Assessment, we will provide a comprehensive report on your particular leadership capabilities and potential financial outcomes. Detailed steps for improving your leadership outcome and the outcome of your enterprise will be provided. Extracts of a sample assessment are shown below.


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The Bottom Line

This section outlines your dominant leadership style and unique strengths along with areas for improvement.

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Your Leadership Cockpit

This represents your preferences within each of the four leadership modes which direct your activities and the outcome of your organization.

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Your Leadership Cockpit - Your Emphases

This diagram pinpoints your precise position within the four leadership modes.

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Your Dominant Leadership Style

This section defines the leadership mode that you are most comfortable with and highlights some of your preferred executive techniques.

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Your Contributory Leadership Styles

Each of the other three leadership modes that contribute to your behavior are defined. Characteristics of each of your secondary leadership styles are included.

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Improving Your Leadership Style

This section provides specific suggestions to address your vulnerabilities.



Continuing Your Leadership Progression

This section summarizes your leadership capabilities and encourages a constant focus on areas for improvement.