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The Perth Leadership Institute has conducted groundbreaking research that allows us to assess leaders and predict with a high level of accuracy which ones will be profitable and which ones will not be profitable. More important, that research can then be applied to help leaders adopt more profitable behaviors. We aren't measuring financial knowledge: we're actually measuring the unconscious drivers behind the behaviors that lead to either positive or negative financial outcomes.

The assessments are the result of the proprietary research of Dr. Ted Prince, which was conducted over a period of 10 years and includes hundreds of executives. The research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and by McGraw Hill in Dr. Prince's book, which has been reviewed by the Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review.

Numerous fortune 500 companies have taken advantage of this valuable research and reported a significant impact on profitability within a short time. Some were even able to see such an impact within just a few weeks or months.

In the videos that will follow in this series, I'll provide you with an explanation of how the Perth Model can so accurately determine whether or not leaders will be profitable, and share some practical ideas for how you can begin implementing what you learn to start improving the profitability of your organization right away.

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matt tenney - Certified Perth Consultant