White Paper on Sustainable Growth - The New Goal for Leadership Development based on business acumen idea

Sustainable Growth - The New Goal for Leadership Development [Sept 2009]

Executive Summary

Part One: Old Growth Era was growth at all costs

… Previous leadership development approaches did not prevent the crisis. Now the need is for sustainable growth. The end of the recession is an opportunity to change to new models of growth-focused leadership development.

Part Two: Innovation means something different now…

…Innovation can be good or bad. We must show future leaders how to tell the difference. We are here to benefit future generations, not just ourselves. We must develop leaders who do not needlessly consume more resources on innovation than are merited.

Part Three: New Growth Era requires business acumen with the long view

Leadership development must educate future leaders in business acumen. Business acumen is more than making a profit. We must develop leaders who have common-sense and not just a high level of financial literacy.

Part Four: Sustainable growth means integrating innovation with business acumen

Innovation without business acumen leads to busts. Innovation with business acumen leads to sustainable growth. We have to develop future leaders with these new mindsets in order to leave a real legacy to succeeding generations.