Competitiveness and Behavioral Strategy analysis based on business acumen idea

White Paper on Competitiveness and Behavioral Strategy

Competitiveness - a Behavioral Phenomenon

Basically it’s a behavioral phenomenon, and great products and profitability are merely symptoms of those behaviors.

Needs to Take Account of Mixed Rationality

Competitive strategy must also be based on an analysis of cognitive biases, the behavioral drivers that are mostly unconscious and usually result in adverse or sub-optimum business outcomes.

Linking Behaviors with Financial Outcomes

This new behavioral model reveals the key behavioral drivers of competitiveness and shows how these can be linked formally to business and valuation outcomes.

To Measure Market Outcomes

The analysis must be measurable, to reveal the incidence of the drivers of competitive behaviors as a way of providing a quantitative basis for competitive achievement and expectations.

Allowing Prediction of a Company’s Market Positioning

In this section we provide a real example of prediction of competitive outcomes based on behavioral data.