This year we connected with over 1,000 organizations to determine the best LD programs and practices based on seven criteria:

  1. Vision/mission. Are these statements linked to strategy, meaningful to participants, and focused on target outcomes?
  2. Involvement and participation. How broad is the involvement and how deep the participation?
  3. Measurement and accountability. What ROI measures are made and reported and to what degree is accountability for performance and results part of the program?
  4. Design, content, and curriculum. How well designed is the program? How credible is the content? How relevant is the curriculum? How customized is the program?
  5. Presenters, presentations, and delivery. What are the qualifications of the presenters, how effective are their presentations, and how is the program delivered?
  6. Take-home value. What do participants take away and apply to improve themselves, their families, their teams, and their volunteer work?
  7. Outreach. What is the impact of the program on stakeholders?
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