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High-Potential Innovator Program (HIPI)


The Innovation Mission

Global companies now realize that their competitive survival depends on innovation. Countless innovation models have been formulated and launched. Yet most do not work.

This is because they all embody a major flaw. That is, they assume that if innovation processes are identified, prescribed and implemented they will result in innovations. To this end most companies focus on process rather than behavior in their innovation efforts.

Yet the evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact that what leads to innovation is the presence of people who are natural innovators. If natural innovators are not involved in an innovation program, the program is unlikely to work.

The message is that a company must identify, encourage and harness the natural innovators in its midst. These persons are usually not recognized and often feel unappreciated. As a result they usually leave, or tacitly give up making a real effort.

In other words, a company must focus on finding those relatively rare individuals in its midst who Have natural innovative behaviors. Once found they must be appropriately managed and tasked so that they feel valued and can be drawn into the innovation efforts of the company.

The HIPI Approach

Perth has been conducting research on innovation in companies for over 10 years through its work on business acumen. This is because one of the two drivers of business acumen is the possession of a value-adding style, which is the same as an innovator style. Perth’s approach to innovation is that the innovators, who are essential to any innovation process, must be found first and then harnessed to the innovation objectives of the company.

To achieve this Perth uses its unique behavioral assessments. These accurately identify the natural innovators in your company who are usually hidden behind behavioral facades designed to shield them from appearing different. Once the innovators have been discovered, there needs to be a process to bring them into the company’s innovation framework. Perth has a defined process to achieve this.

HIPI Benefits

1.Kick start innovation efforts by energizing the hidden innovators in your company.


2.Find the natural entrepreneurs in your company without whom nothing really new gets started.


3.Harness them to vault your company to the head of the competition.


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