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Improve Business Impact of Your Executives, Managers and Organization

Perth Leadership Institute has developed an entirely new approach to human capital management and to executive development which focuses on improving the business acumen and performance of managers and executives. It has been tested and validated by extensive research. Our clients tell us that it has "high face validity." It gets rapid financial results.


Located in Gainesville, Florida, USA, the mission of the Perth Leadership Institute is to improve the business acumen of executives, managers and leadership teams at all levels in order to improve the financial performance and valuation of the enterprises they serve.


Founded by veteran CEO and leadership thinker, Dr. E. Ted Prince, The Perth Leadership Institute has developed a proprietary business acumen approach, Perth's Leadership Outcome Model™ (PLOM). See Wikipedia article on business acumen and Wikipedia article on Perth Leadership Outcome Model.

Our Research

This approach is based on extensive field research carried out by the Perth Leadership Institute with CEOs, senior executives and managers. This innovative approach goes well beyond conventional competency-based and personality-based approaches. Instead, it introduces a new outcome-based approach developed by Perth. PLOM™ identifies the Financial Signature® and the financial mission of senior executives and managers to improve their business acumen and to predict the financial performance and the valuation outcome of the enterprise or the units they lead. This results in an entirely new approach to human capital management, including to talent assessment, development and management.

Intellectual Background

Perth's research constitutes a new approach to behavioral finance, the discipline that has emerged over the past 10 years that integrates psychology and financial behaviors of consumers and executives. Behavioral finance and behavioral economics are leading to the creation of new classes of studies and practical applications. Perth's programs for executives and teams introduce this new way of thinking and acting to corporations to provide programs that are intensely practical and which lead to significant impacts on the financial and business outcomes of individuals and enterprises. Perth is also contributing to this new discipline through its programs of publications and speeches, which are gaining significant recognition in journals on leadership, human resources and finance. Perth's research therefore combines the perspectives gained from behavioral finance to human capital management, thus helping to fulfil the ultimate promise of HCM to link human behavior with financial outcomes.

Our Programs

Perth consults to organizations to improve the business acumen and the financial and valuation impact of their leaders and teams. This is achieved using the results from Perth's suite of online assessments which are completed by each of the participants in our programs and which are then used for both individual and team feedback. We work with individuals, including high potential emerging leaders and executives already in senior positions. We also work with management teams at senior and mid-levels.

We also work with other managers and staff to improve the alignment of their own Financial Signatures® with the Financial Mission™ and financial culture of the enterprise, to bring about better financial performance and valuation. We bring our unique Team Financial Program and our Valuation Alignment Program™ to improve the financial and valuation performance of leaders at all levels of the organization.

We also run seminars and workshops to instruct on the application of PLOM™ to leaders and managers so that they can improve their financial and valuation performance.

The Impact of Our Programs

Our programs have a significant and fast impact on the financial performance of the individuals and teams that complete them. Our aim is to have a measurable impact on financial performance and our programs lead to practical recommendations that can be implemented quickly with a demonstrable financial impact. Executives and managers who complete their programs improve their business acumen and performance, leading to an increase in their career potential and self-confidence.

The Bottom Line Benefits

    • Improves the financial performance and valuation outcome of your enterprise by improving the business acumen of executives, managers and staff and assisting them to improve their financial and valuation impact


    • Aligns the financial missions of the Board, CEO, executives, managers and staff to improve financial performance and valuation outcome


    • Improves the financial performance and valuation impact of individual executives and teams by showing them how their Financial Signature® impacts their own professional financial performance.


  • Improves the valuation performance of an enterprise relative to its competitors.

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