1. Perth's assessments are educational tools designed to profile your financial signature and/or leadership styles, with weightings and explanations, to help you consider choices of practices you employ in leading an organization.

2. By reading each assessment question carefully and choosing the option which seems to be the most natural for you, you will permit the creation of a report that will be most informative to you. Organizations differ and need different types of leaders. The combination of choices you make on the questionnaire(s) is interpreted with the caveat that each person has his own unique set of capabilities and talents, and consequently, different ways of improving his/her financial performance in a position of leadership.

3. Perth will never provide any information on your assessment to any third party except in the following cases.

a. If you are doing this assessment as part of a program being conducted by the organization in which you are employed or for whom you are working in another capacity, we are releasing your information to the specific parties in accordance with Perth's agreement with your organization.
b. For users belonging to companies referred by our Perth Certified Consultants (hereinafter referred to as PCCs), who are effectively doing this project directly with the PCCs, Perth will allow the PCC to have access to your assessment providing that the PCC evidences that he/she has your permission to do so.
c. The only use Perth will ever make of any information we collect, other than for the report we provide you, is on an anonymous and aggregated basis for research purposes.

4. Perth will never sell any personal identifying information to any third party.

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7. By completing the Perth Assessment(s), you are consenting to the Perth Leadership Institute interpreting your responses to produce a report designed for your educational benefit.

8. Perth exerts its best efforts to achieve accuracy in our assessments within the context of the underlying theories developed by the Perth Leadership Institute. However, by completing this assessment, you are acknowledging that the assessment is based on a theory of leadership, and as such, it can never guarantee any particular outcome.

9. By completing this assessment, you accept and acknowledge that the Perth Leadership Institute is not responsible for any subsequent actions you , your employer or any other party might take regarding your job, career, leadership initiatives or any other initiatives of any other types, be they professional, personal, emotional or otherwise; and that Perth is not liable for any actions that you or they may or may not take, or any adverse consequences that might occur therefrom, as a result of anything you or they might subsequently do or not do, or of anything that might subsequently occur to you following your completion of this assessment.

10. The Perth Leadership Institute offers no warranties, either express or implied, or any other guarantee of the suitability of its products or services, or of the Assessments, for any purpose, including for the purpose of leadership improvement, the personal or organizational success of the assessment subject, or regarding the success or otherwise of any company or organizational outcome, valuation, value, or success, whether connected to the assessment subject or otherwise.

11. Perth uses the latest in security systems to protect our site and the data on it. We have firewalls and other devices to protect the physical and electronic security of the site and its records. However, by completing the assessment, you are acknowledging that these safeguards can never be certain and that, like all other sites, we may be penetrated by hackers and malicious agents that are beyond our control. Perth takes all reasonable precautions in good faith to protect our site and the data on it, but by completing this assessment, you are acknowledging that even these efforts may not be sufficient to protect your data in all circumstances; and that, in such cases, Perth is not liable for any adverse consequences to you or your organization or any other third party as a result.

12. If you are completing this assessment as part of a program being conducted by the organization in which you are employed or for whom you are working in another capacity, you acknowledge that, in completing this assessment, you are subject to whatever terms and conditions have been agreed to by that organization and that you have no claims against Perth as a result of completing this assessment.