Leadership Assessments Improve Team Performance!

Leadership Assessment and Training is not just for the CEO or senior executive - teams have profiles just as individuals. Team profiles have characteristic outcomes that affect the business valuation and influence financial outcomes. The Team Outcome Assessment is designed to show the impact of team dynamics and team performance on the company's financial performance and valuation. Teams that use this assessment include:

  • CEO and Board
  • CEO and top management team
  • Top management team
  • Top executive and his or her management team

Minimize Human Resources Risk!

Human Resources ImageThe Team Assessment Outcome is a composite report showing where all team members are situated on the Perth Leadership Outcome Model. The Team Assessment Outcome Report identifies both team strengths that will lead to a positive organizational impact and potential team vulnerabilities which will lead to an adverse organization impact. Also included in the Team Assessment is the Executive Outcome Assessment for each individual member. The Executive Outcome Assessment provides key insights into how each individual's performance affects the team's ability to meet financial and managerial objectives.

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