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This assessment is designed for emerging leaders. You may not yet be at a level where you actually lead but you asprie to get there, maybe you are about it move into such a position. The Emerging Leader Assessment is designed for individuals who are just about to take the plunge and to provide them with an assessment about what type of outcome the enterprise will have under their leadership. This is information which you will obtain absolutely nowhere else!

Discover your leadership outcome profile and the kind of successful organization you could create; find out how you personally can create a more valuable organization or company based on your own specific leadership outcome style. The Emerging Leader Assessment will provide you with an immediate profile of your leadership outcomes and explain how to use them to best advantage.

New business owners the test will show you the likely company outcomes of your leadership style, and will explain how to correct your leadership style to improve your company outcomes including the ones that count, the financial outcomes.

Career-track managers the test will show you the kind of organization that will most benefit from your leadership style, and the areas which you will want to strengthen to assure success in a future leadership position where financial and valaution outcome of your enterprise becomes an important cocern for you.

Entrepreneurs the test will identify your natural leadership traits, and the types of company outcomes, good and bad that you will tend to drive. It will help you select the company area which will most benefit from your skills and values, and help you avoid the pitfalls that every rising star suffers.

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Watch this video interview with Perth Leadership founder Dr. E.Ted Prince as he explains the Emerging Leadership Assessment.


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