Executive Coaching

As a senior company executive, have you ever wondered...

    • Why many senior executives are fired within 2 years of being hired?


    • Why a role critical to an organization's success gets so little training or development in the area of financial and valuation performance?


    • How many of the strengths that led to your career success can become weaknesses that very quickly lead to financial and business failure on your part?


    • How a high profile, seemingly healthy business can become the very ugly poster child for how not to run a company, division or unit?


  • Why you never really thought any of the above could happen to you?

The Executive's Dilemma

The facts are that most senior executives over-rely on the strengths that got them to their pinnacle. Without recognizing this dynamic, those strengths drift toward becoming liabilities. Lucky executives might even get some feedback that this is happening."You spend too much time obsessing over budgets and not focusing enough on new product development"."Your overspending on R&D is killing our margins"."You make decisions too fast and ignore important input from others"

What's curious is that many executives filter out valid feedback because it flies in the face of what they have experienced in the past: that their strengths always bail them out of any jam! Yet receiving and acting on that feedback is vital to improving your own financial and valuation performance for your enterprise.

The Perth Leadership Outcome Model™ is the first approach to leadership development that links a leadership profile to financial and valuation outcomes!

We start by identifying your Financial Signature® using the Financial Outcome Assessment™ which predicts the valuation profile of your company. We then assess your personal profile using the Executive Outcome Assessment™ to identify how you can compensate for your Financial Signature®. This allows us to recommend detailed changes to the way your work and collaborate with your organization. Usually this will be part of a Valuation Alignment Program™ conducted by your organization.

New Types of Training

The Perth Leadership Institute has answers to these conundrums. We confront them through training and content that is unique to Perth. You will never have seen this approach before. Contact us to find out how you can move your career ahead based on this invaluable knowledge.