HR Industry Observers Laud Perth Leadership’s Innovative Business Value-Based Approach to Leadership Programs

(Gainesville, Florida, September 21, 2006) Leading industry observers have recently highlighted the Perth Leadership Institute’s innovative new approach to executive and leadership development. As well as HR observers, these also include a prestigious financial observer. The HR observers include Chief Learning Officer Magazine and, which carries a White Paper from Perth. The financial observer is CFO Magazine, which published an article on the Perth Leadership Institute approach in its September issue.

Dr. E. Ted Prince, Founder and CEO of the Perth Leadership Institute commented that “the signature challenge for HR is to inject significant business value into conventional leadership approaches. The reason why industry observers are so intrigued with our approach is because this is precisely what we do.”

Dr. Prince commented that large companies are now starting to use the Perth Leadership Institute business value approach to improve their own financial performance and profitability. The Perth method brings an entirely new set of tools to leadership and executive development that are focused specifically on business and financial value.

Perth recently announced the release of its Financial Outcome Assessment™, an online instrument which assesses the financial acumen of executives and managers and shows them how to develop it.

The Perth Leadership Institute was founded in 2002 in Gainesville, Florida, by Dr. E. Ted Prince to carry out research into the linkages between behavior and company financial outcomes. Its programs are targeted at executives and managers and are used by business and human resource leaders for executive development, succession planning and to improve individual and team financial performance.

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