Perth Leadership Institute Issues White Paper on “Sustainable Growth – The New Goal for Leadership Development”

White Paper Recommends That Business Acumen And Innovation Programs be Integrated in Leadership Development To Spur Sustainable Growth To Benefit Future Generations, Not Just Our Own

(Gainesville, Florida, September 8, 2009) The Perth Leadership Institute (, the industry leader in business acumen assessment and development programs, today announced that it had issued its White Paper on the direction leadership development should take following the end of the recession.  It argues that leadership development programs now need to turn their attention to developing leaders who can generate sustainable growth. The White Paper argues that old models of growth at all costs have been discredited. Leadership development needs to adopt a new model in which business acumen is taught to future leaders and is integrated with innovation programs to ensure that innovation does not lead to irrational over-reaching which resulted in the recent economic crisis.

The approach in the White Paper is based on the book by Dr. E. Ted Prince, Founder and CEO of the Institute, entitled The Three Financial Styles of Very Successful Leaders, published by McGraw-Hill in 2005.

According to Dr. Prince, “We have gone through a period of growth at all costs which let to an unprecedented economic crisis. The priority now is to develop models of sustainable growth. We must create capital for succeeding generations, not just our own. We can do this by creatively integrating innovation and business acumen programs as core leadership development components. We must educate future leaders on how to avoid the mistakes we have just made and show them what they must do to create sustainable growth that will benefit future generations, not just our own”

The Perth Leadership Institute has developed innovative business acumen assessments based on its research. These form part of its business acumen assessment and development programs for executives. These include its individual, team and C-level financial impact improvement programs.

The Perth Leadership Institute was founded in 2002 in Gainesville, Florida, by Dr. E. Ted Prince to carry out research into the linkages between behavior and company financial outcomes. Its programs are targeted at executives and managers and are used for leadership and executive development, talent management and to improve individual and team financial performance at the middle and senior levels of organizations.

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