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Meet the Perth Certified Consultants

Becoming a Perth Certified Consultant

The Perth Leadership Institute works with its Perth Certified Consultants (PCCs) to bring the benefits of Perth's Leadership Outcome Model™ (PLOM) to its clients.

PCCs are independent consultants who have been certified by Perth. To become a PCC, you must preferably have at least 20 years of professional experience in business or business-related executive management. Our PCCs have had backgrounds as CEOs, top executives of large companies, entrepreneurs, coaches and as management consultants.

Many of our PCCs have already been certified in other leadership assessment systems. These include Hogan, MBTI, Chally, DISC as well as many others. Many of our clients pair us with other assessment approaches so that they get the benefit of the more traditional personality and competency-based approaches together with the insights that can be derived from a behavioral finance approach focusing on business acumen and being able to predict quantitative financial outcomes. This means that PCCs who have these other backgrounds possess an increased ability to meet the requirements of their clients.

It is imperative that a PCC have the personal presence and credibility to be able to work with CEOs and top executives. To that end they must have an excellent understanding of financial and business issues as well as the interpersonal skills and insights that are vital in a role which involves executive advice and executive coaching and intervention for skills improvement with existing and aspiring leaders.

The benefits of becoming a PCC are as follows:

  • Become a part of an elite group of management consultants
  • Be on the cutting edge of leadership and management approaches
  • Bring unique insights to clients
  • Work with CEOs and top executives on strategic issues
  • Work with prestigious clients in a wide variety of situations
  • Get the benefits of Perth’s marketing and ability to bring to your clients
  • Earn attractive compensation

Certification as a PCC

Perth takes the quality of its service delivery very seriously. It recognizes that its services are only as good as its training as well as the quality of its consultants. The certification process to become a PCC is designed to incorporate the rigor necessary to the delivery of a unique and cutting edge leadership model.

To become a PCC, you must undergo several levels of training. There are two  training tiers. These involve formal classroom instruction and on the job training Perth certification is not to be taken lightly. But, once gained, it will provide personal and professional rewards through an enriching professional experience that brings unique benefits to clients.

Should you have an interest in becoming a PCC, contact us and we will send you further information to help you decide if this is an could be an option for you.