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Do humans emit a unique quantum brain print?

You know a field of knowledge is being popularized for the Great Unwashed once psychologists start to talk knowledgeably about it. So, it goes with quantum stuff; what was once the province only of the hard science literati has now entered the sphere of pop media.

Quantum Cats

Well kind of; cast a glance or two at this one - 'What is quantum cognition? Physics theory could predict human behavior.” What the article purports to show is that human behavior and quantum uncertainty are related at a deep (yep, that’s a popular line in these kinds of articles) level. Just as you can never know if that famous cat will live or die, nor can you ever really predict human decisions since they are irrational and unpredictable. Well, yeah.

Sorry then, to confess that yours truly has been preaching about this stuff for years. For one example of numerous check out my blog post “Can gravitational wave detectors read human thoughts?” (5 August, 2017). Or, if you’re still bored, see “Social Science is the study of entangled brains: Discuss.” (15 April 2017). Etc., etc. Nothing new under the Sun and all that, right?

We’re irrational if Nothing Else

And I have been known do hazard thoughts in the area of behavioral finance, which the article I quoted above refers to extensively. In fact, my company even has assessment products to measure how irrational you actually are and how it impacts your ability to make money, including whether or not you will make money. Don’t believe me? Check this out too for starters.

So, since I already staked my claim to being a leader in this line of thinking, far be it from me to trash it, not this time anyway. I’ve long believed that human brains will be shown to think not using neurons as their first line of attack but through quantum mechanisms of which neurons are just one small element (and glia too, but much more so, looks like I might have been right on that one too). So yeah, I’ve staked my professional life on the behavioral finance meme, and I do believe indeed that it’s tightly connected to quantum consciousness.

So, what about this quantum cognition stuff anyway? If our minds work on quantum principles, there’s got to be some external manifestation, even if its hard to see. Just like we can send quantum signals down a wire, we can also do it wirelessly and, in principle, decipher what the signals mean. So, in principle we can decipher the meaning of quantum signal output from a particular brain. So far, so good.

But we know these days that stuff can be somehow conjoined via quantum entanglement. We used to think it was only massless stuff like photons that can be entangled but now we know that it’s also atoms, molecules and things with a lot of mass, relatively speaking. Another step for mankind.

From there it’s another short step (well, figuratively speaking) to whole minds being entangled. Yep, I’ve posted on that two (“Quantum economics – can 2 (or more) minds be entangled? 25 February 2017). Nauseating right?

Your Brain Looks Really Different

How about three minds? 100 minds? How about a billion? If you can do one, you can do many, many. But how do you recognize all these different brains? They are all entangled, so you have to recognize them somehow. What’s the betting that there is a unique footprint for each brain? How could there not be? If a brain is doing a near-infinity of different things and, as we said above, emitting signals of the same, aren’t there going to be characteristic patterns? But for each brain aren’t they going to be unique? Giving that we are all irrational in numerous unique ways, so therefore probably unpredictable at a quantum level, isn’t a brain print the obvious concomitant of a living being?

And cone you have these billions of brain prints, won’t they undergo a process similar to what is known as assortative mating? That’s the process in which organisms with similar phenotypes mate with other in preference to other phenotypes. It’s one reason for why the 1% keeps things that way, by mating within the group. Won’t quantum brain prints lead inexorably to assortative mating, not just or even or at all on a sexual basis, but on a neural basis?

The Evolution of Brain Prints

Couldn’t this be a new type of driver of evolution? Actually, could it have been going on throughout evolution? Could assortative mating via brain prints be acting as we speak to sort us into not just neural, but quantum-categorized brain print groups? We don’t know what these quantum categories are as yet, but maybe we will soon enough. And once we do, will we be able to discern a new type of evolution at the quantum neural level that we never even suspected before?

As I’m sure you’re aware there has been a hubbub about facial recognition. Brain print recognition takes it to another level, many quantum jumps later. So, brain prints would have real uses in the real world. They would transform psychology, social science, economics to mention just a couple. Evolution

Brain prints are my tiny entry into the quantum cognition pop media competition. Just to add to the noise.







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