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Dr. E. Ted Prince is CEO and Founder of the Perth Leadership Institute, which has developed unique leadership assessments for financial leadership and business acumen. He is the author of The Three Financial Styles of Very Successful Leaders, published by McGraw Hill in 2005 and since published in China, India and Taiwan and Business...
Dr. E. Ted Prince is CEO and Founder of the Perth Leadership Institute, which has developed unique leadership assessments for financial leadership and business acumen. He is the author of The Three Financial Styles of Very Successful Leaders, published by McGraw Hill in 2005 and since published in China, India and Taiwan and Business Personality and Leadership Success: Using the Leadership Cockpit to Improve Your Career and Company Outcome published by Amazon Kindle in 2011. He has numerous publications in the area of leadership, management, human resources, business strategy and technology and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He has held the positions of Visiting Lecturer at the University of Florida and Visiting Professor at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Dr. Prince has been CEO of several companies in the technology area over a period of 20 years including Chairman and CEO of a public company for 6 years. He has also been on the boards of numerous other companies including several public companies. Dr. Prince holds a BA First Class Honors degree in languages and political science from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and MA and Ph.D., degrees in political science from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Did Napoleon Invent OpenAI’s Secret Q*-

The killer app for AI is being able to win wars over unprecedentedly multiple fronts, irrespective of an initiators’ level of resources. Check out the recent Napoleon movie to see how it’s done. AI Spy (With My Little Eye) There’s been much chatter as to why Sam Altman was fired and then, (pro tem?) rehired. The scuttlebutt is that OpenAI had secre...

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It looks like AI is not only not improving business and political leadership; it’s actually making it worse. Man of the Year: Person to Fear? I’m sure you took notice of Sam Altman. the CEO of OpenAI, who has just been fired. As it turns out, he was one of  Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year for 2023 that called him “perhaps the most powerful pers...

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Does Social Media Lead in a Direct Line to Autocracy?

Democracy is rapidly a disappearing form of government. We will be lucky if we can just sustain soft autocracies. X Marks the Spot… Until recently social media was nothing. Now it’s the thing. So much so that the Supreme Court is getting on the act by accepting a case (would you believe), namely when can when public officials block people on their ...

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Sam-I-Am – How About Using SBF to Transform Global Welfare?

  We should harness SBF to catalyze global finance for the purposes of social good, instead of merely putting him in jail. Green Eggs and Ham I guess numerous assorted lawyers, traders and financial guys are watching the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). You know the wunderkind multibillionaire who minted it all on his ownsome and is now on trial f...

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How About We Figure Out How to Have the Worst Possible Nuclear War?

We need to imagine the very worst that could happen as a result of the Ukraine war if are to have ever have the remotest chance of preventing it. A Nice Little War The opinion of those who follow these things is that at this particular time in history, this is the nearest we have come to nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis. Here’s a stupid q...

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Can AI’s Rule?

We clearly can’t trust humans to run the world. Now we’ve gotta try the AIs. Nothing Beats Free! Did you catch up with the troubling book “How Democracies Die” by Harvard professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt? Hmm the august provenance is already going to be a turnoff for the people who need it most. Anyway, you get the idea. Clearly a key ...

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Does Gravity Cause Transgender Transitions?

Gravity is not a constant. What icon falls next? Weighty Matters Whadya know? New cutting-edge research seems to show conclusively that gravity doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. To wit, it is stronger at lower-than-average accelerations. Wow! That changes everything! For the skinny see this account. I can’t imagine a deeper revolution in physics,...

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Barbie: A Space Odyssey

Barbie’s is the ultimate search to avoid shallowness and meaninglessness. She fails. Miserably. Superficiality is It “Barbie” the movie is turning out to be a big hit. How could that be for something that is all about superficiality and modern gender consumerism? I actually watched it twice so I could figure out what I am missing. And what’s with t...

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Will Obesity Drugs Make Us Even Less Healthy?

The deluge of new anti-obesity drugs will massively reduce obesity. Will that mean those who take the drugs will be able to eat what they like? How will that affect public health? More is Merrier Yep, so obesity drugs are now the in thing. And its great news it seems. They work very quickly and in the vast majority of cases don’t have bad side effe...

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Will There be a Singularity for Animals Too?

If there’s going to be a Singularity for us humans, won’t there be many for all the animals on this planet? Whales Gonna Have Fun There’s always signals out there that are telling us things we hadn’t thought about. One such is the sudden spate of articles about orcas (you know, killer whales) which are ramming boats off the coast of Spain and Portu...

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Is AI Actually Getting Dumber?

The received wisdom is that we are headed for the Singularity – where the intelligence of machines exceeds that of humans. But the betting is that we are headed for the Modularity – we will know and understand a lot more about many more things but understand even less about how to control our overall environment. Nothing Like a Good Old-Fashioned C...

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AI Leads Inexorably to Stratospheric Levels of Global “Safe” Debt

AI will cause the world to overload on debt purportedly designed to be “safe” by our AI masters.In the process it will reinvent economics and finance from the ground up at least partly based on the new kids on the block of behavioral economics and finance.These will provide new and disturbing ways to manipulate the unsafe borrowing behaviors of con...

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How About We Give Greater – Not Just Equal – Rights to Women?!

Post Summary: Men holding the power is the fundamental structural impediment to ending global war and poverty and extending good health to all. The Second(ary) Sex Which astronauts will be the first to go to Mars, men or women? Seems like women win this race.(“Study finds female astronauts more efficient, suggesting future space missions with all-f...

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The James Webb Telescope – The Bland Leading the Blind?

The JWT, no matter how technologically sophisticated and amazing it is, is showing only a tiny fraction of what it could. Shouldn’t it show us GPS-like maps and graphic pictures of travel directions? Here is my vision of the new super-duper images from, the (AI?) enhanced super-telescope. Dazzle Without the Frazzle! The JWT (James Webb Telescope) i...

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AI IQs About to Follow Moore’s Law?

Is the Singularity about to hit humanity, unexpectedly? The AI Virus? I don’t have to tell you that le nouveau AI is all over the place. All the big techs are now in it or rapidly getting in but that isn’t the half of the story. The big news is that thousands of companies and organizations are now getting in. They come from all over including our g...

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The First Global Nuclear Depression?

It’s going to be a wild ride which probably won’t end well. A Nice Little Recession We’re seeing a number of signs which predict a US and probably a world recession. The bank runs are part of the story. The collapse of crypto currencies is another. Add to that the layoffs, of which I rate Disney’s as the most important and the most symbolic. We can...

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The Only Credible Pathway to Avoid Climate Disaster is Nuclear War?

Choose your poison. We can avoid the damage caused by climate change simply by nuking ourselves. Do You Want Your Carbon by Air, Or Radiation? I’m sure you noticed recently that the UN Environment Program issued a statement that there is  ‘no credible pathway to 1.5C in place’, i.e. we can’t achieve the goal of limiting the average rise in global t...

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Can ChatGPT Make Stone Tools?

Is ChatGPT independently evolving its own kind of intelligence? A Brain Made of Stone? What would you think if someone told you that animals can make stone tools? No doubt it’s rubbish you would say. What if the animal was an ape, but not human? Even more so. But check it out here (“Sophisticated stone tools may predate humans, study suggests”). Wh...

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Did the James Webb Telescope Just Show Us the Universe  Neighboring Our’s?

Has the James Webb Telescope (JWT) just revealed a totally new universe which we can now physically see? Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall? The JWT was always going to be interesting because it can see so much that we’ve never seen. One of the things we wanted to see was the edges of our universe. Current theory says that limit happens to be around 13.5 ...

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Can AI Find a Cure for Alzheimer’s?

The big, big problem. No cure so far for Alzheimer’s, none in sight. We need to try something really new. How about ChatGPT? Physician Cure Thyself I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that AI, and in particular the product-du-jour is ChatGPT from OpenAI. It has already achieved some outstanding feats, such as being able to write fluent, convincing an...

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