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“The 3 Body Problem”: China’s Poisoned Chalice?

Where’s the Universe headed? Downhill, according to “The 3 Body Problem”. Not a Warm Body So maybe you are aware of the hot sci-fi movie on Netflix “The 3 Body Problem” (T3BP)? The first Chinese sci-fi film to win a famous global prize for sci-fi stories. Yep, it’s pretty good, probably one of the best sci-fi books and movies I have ever encountere...

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The Next – Mental - Extinction?

Mental health globally is already in crisis. AI is already making it dramatically worse. Could it be the final death of us? We’re All Hal Now! Now we’re all getting into the bad stuff that comes with AI. That includes ,inter alia, racial bias in AI tools, c.f. Google’s Gemini admission by its CEO, numerous instances of the AIs giving us wrong or ev...

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The Only Credible Pathway to Avoid Climate Disaster is Nuclear War?

Choose your poison. We can avoid the damage caused by climate change simply by nuking ourselves. Do You Want Your Carbon by Air, Or Radiation? I’m sure you noticed recently that the UN Environment Program issued a statement that there is  ‘no credible pathway to 1.5C in place’, i.e. we can’t achieve the goal of limiting the average rise in global t...

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Emissions Reduction is Kaput – But It Will Happen Anyway

myNGXY7z6Jce It’s become crystal clear that humans will never achieve a sustainable planet. But the inevitable population crash will do it for us. Is the Law an Ass? No doubt you noticed that the Supreme Court just hobbled the EPA in its powers to promote a reduction in CO2 emissions. But actually he Supremes are not the problem here. Globally the ...

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Climate Change – Species Extinction or Explosion?

Gone But Not Forgotten Did you notice that the Feds just announced that 23 bird and fish species have just gone extinct? Of course, that’s a real pity but its not as if there aren’t already millions of species on the planet. And its not as if there aren’t existing species whose populations are being decimated, like fish, insects, honeybees, birds a...

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One Person, One Vote…One NFT

Prove it! Let’s not get into politics but I don’t have to tell you that election fraud has been occupying a lot of minds, whether or not it is occurring. And, clearly not just in the US. How about in every country with a voting system, democratic, quasi or not? Even if you don’t have any fraud, how do you prove it? Technology to the rescue, this ti...

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More Containers, Tighter Canals

Uncontainable? So, the “Ever Given” was refloated and the Suez Canal cleared. But isn’t that particular ship just too big for the canal? What happens if two container ships sink one at each end? Or are sunk by terrorists? Isn’t the canal just too narrow for the ever-growing mass of containers being squeezed through it? And note that the Ever Given ...

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Can Bitcoin Counter Climate Change?

Mars as Destiny I guess you saw those pictures of the Perseverance rover on Mars, truly amazing feat of engineering. But what I also registered was seeing the desert that is Mars. Maybe there was intelligent life there that reduced it to a wasteland a billion years ago, or maybe not. But it looks like what Earth will probably look like in a while, ...

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Do Black Swans Come in Swarms?

Yeah, I know. A group of swans is actually called a bevy, or, if in flight, a wedge. Not a flock, or some other name. You knew that, right? (I didn’t) Two down, plenty where they came from We have now chalked up two Black Swans (the pandemic, the Floyd Revolt) in nary a few months. Probably more on the way, soon. My question: when you get swarms of...

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Is AI too left-brained to ensure global survival?

I’m thinking that you think you have a brain. Nope. Actually, you have two. We all have two brains. As in two hemispheres, the left and the right. They both do very different things, although there is some overlap. The left hemisphere does logic, process, rules and analysis. The right does envisioning, emotion, empathy and social stuff. So what? In...

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Could hackers launch a global nuclear war?

I guess you are all aware of the US decision to withdraw from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Weapons Treaty (INF)? In defense of the decision its clear that the Russians have flouted it for many years. So, does this make nuclear war more likely, or less? Well, Putin just threatened the US with its new hypersonic weapons if the US puts more weapons ...

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Two wheels good, four wheels bad (as long as they’re octonionic)

It seems that Americans, especially millennials don’t want to drive any more or own cars. Part of the problem is that the average commuter spends three times as much time in their annual commuting that they do on vacation. Hmmm but how about those Teslas? But I get it. Muscle cars are out; electric vehicles are in. Metrosexuals for EVs right? But h...

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Ban tourism to slow down climate change?

You’ve no doubt heard that Venice is flooding due to climate change. Now we know that it’s also being flooded by tourists. As a result, the locals are leaving as the tourists ruin the city with too many people. A similar thing is happening in other tourist cities of the world. Santorini, the Forbidden City, Florence and so on an on. Tourism is rapi...

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The imminent Great Global Final Biological Collapse; can reverse gene drives prevent it?

That sounds like an overly alarmist headline, right? So get this: “Hyper alarming’ study shows massive insect loss”. Apparently over the past 20 years insect populations have declined on average 50% and in some cases even higher. We’re all seeing it. Have you noticed that these days the number of love bugs plastered over your windscreen and headlig...

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Are viruses the biological equivalent of dark matter?

Did you get the flu? I was so lucky, I got it twice! So lots of stuff about influenza in the news. Other than that, how could you ever get excited about it?   Influenza is a virus. Everyone knows that too. Nothing exciting there either, right?   But what if there were many more of the little critters than we had imagined? What if they were literall...

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Is love a physical force-field?

Did you hear about the recent wedding of two people in their nineties (She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym). Tells us that you can have love even when it might be thought you were past it. Put it in the sweet news column. It used to be thought that love was a spiritual phenomenon (as distinct from being a spiritual feeling). Then we discovered t...

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Can we calm the global mood with sound?

Recently I posted on the huge impact noise pollution is having on human moods globally, including making us all incredibly crabby. (“Does noise cause global dysfunction in human mood?”). Coincidentally (?) the Washington Post followed my article with its own about noise pollution, even in the national parks (“Human noise pollution is everywhere, ev...

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Do trees have brains?

I’m sure you noticed (or maybe not) a little news item that deforestation in Brazil increased 30% in the last 12 months? So what? Does anyone care? Why should we anyway? There’s inconsequential reasons like forests create rain (through the action of emitting terpenes, inter alia) and stabilize terra firma. I have a more selfish reason; when you’re ...

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Are birds aesthetes?

Yep, it’s true. Some species of birds can actually distinguish between Monet, Picasso and other painters. They can even distinguish between art styles painted by unknowns. Can your dog do that? Maybe that performance beats 90% or more of humans given the same task? So if you want to get the skinny, and confirm that I didn’t make it up check out “Th...

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Does Big Data Diminish Leadership Purpose?

Big data is really big. So is analytics. Our interns all want to get a job in those areas, so they can hit one out of the park. The big idea is that Big Data can help us uncover insights especially into how consumers act, so we can get them to buy more, and, to be fair, to better meet their needs. Big Data is transforming business, companies and ev...

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