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Does eating meat cause covid-19?

Wait up! Is this guy smoking something? Don’t we all know that the cause of covid-19 is the coronavirus? That’s totally a known truth, right? Ok so hear me out for a nanosec.

Not a respiratory disease??

We all started off thinking that CV19 was a disease of the lungs. We now know that it’s really a disease of the lining of our blood vessels, the endothelium. That’s why the disease is associated with blood clots and cardiac events including strokes. The lung problems are just collateral damage from the blood vessel damage and the inflammation caused thereto. That’s why dexamethasone, the recently found drug for CV19 is so effective; it acts on the inflammation caused to various organs by the virus.

But why does CV19 attack the blood vessels? What’s so attractive to them for the virus? Easy-peasy! They are often heavily damaged. The endothelial layer has been broken down, is rough and doesn’t allow the free flow of blood. Often it has blockages which lead to heart attacks and strokes. It’s great terrain for the coronavirus.

Quit those burgers, bubba!

And why are the blood vessels of so many people so heavily damaged? The most important reason is animal-based diets and meat. It’s well-known that this Western diet leads to blocked arteries and coronary artery disease (CAD). So yeah, those burgers and milk shakes (and the rest of the animal-based diet) are the primary cause of CAD, and that causes the endothelial damage that attracts the CV19 virus.

If you are a meat eater and on an animal-based diet, in all likelihood you have damaged blood vessels. As a result, you are a target-rich environment for the CV19 virus. You have hundreds of miles of endothelium which is easy pickings for the virus. Believe it or not, this layer has a total area of 4000-7000 square meters, plenty of room to romp around for the little varmint.

So, if the CV19 virus perchance happens upon your body, it only really gets to work if you have damaged blood vessels. That’s why the vast majority of victims have high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes or a related condition. It isn’t the virus per se that causes the disease. The cause is actually the lousy condition of the body, which the virus then takes advantage of. You can still get the disease without these conditions but it likely won’t go anywhere.

How many pandemics, really?

Isn’t that fascinating? There are billions of people now globally who have switched to a Western diet and in the process, it has caused an epidemic of heart disease. That had led to the development of a human monoculture with widespread disease of the blood vessels. So, a virus has emerged which can feed off that, namely the coronavirus. It wasn’t the virus that caused the heart disease; it was we humans who moved to the animal-based diet which then attracted an opportunistic virus.

So, the real cause of covid-19 is really the pandemic of heart disease caused by adopting the Western diet. Covid-19 is the second recent pandemic, not the first. Who would have thunk it?

Something you have to remember. At any given time, there are thousands, even millions of viruses in your blood. You still have the same damaged linings to your blood vessels, but the vast majority of viruses don’t do any more damage. But the coronavirus, alone amongst these viruses, saw a target-rich environment and opportunistically took advantage. The rest is history.

We will get drugs to cure covid-19 and probably vaccines. But that’s not going to solve the problem of damaged blood vessel linings. That’s the real problem here.

So, the cause of covid-19 is…?






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