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US Bungling Accelerates Herd Immunity?


Screw-Ups R’Us

I think its time we admit that the US totally bungled the whole coronavirus pandemic. Just about every other country did better than us, at least in the early stages. Less cases, less deaths, better leadership overall.

But there’s a flip side. More contagion, more disease means more people exposed, more people with antibodies, more people more immune, more herd immunity. Does that mean the bunglers like the US will have the last laugh?

Sure, it means we’ve had more cases and deaths, more anguish at lost parents, relatives and friends, more tragedy. We never get that back.

But what if, in the future, we turn out to be better off?

American political leadership on the whole has been a sorry sight, especially at the Federal level. That even includes the public health leaders.

But what if the scientists have the last laugh too? What’s the betting that America’s superb scientific research and traditions leads to effective drugs and vaccines in relatively short order? What if we get them out to the US and other countries too? At least we can trust our regulatory authorities to release effective and trustworthy drugs without having to worry about political factors intervening.

Downside of Effective leadership in China?

So, what if we end up in a few months with more herd immunity than any other country, including China and with effective drugs and vaccines? Will we suddenly look like heroes instead of losers, as we do right now?

As they say, a day is a long time in politics. My bet is that by Election Day the way the world ranks leaders, leadership and pandemic response and effectiveness in the various countries will be radically different to what it is now.

The last shall be first…






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