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Quantum Wampum – Another Perpetual Motion Machine?

  Quantum computing looking increasingly likely to be the next tech bubble. What is Quantum? Did you notice that the Nobel in physics has just been awarded to three worthy physicists in the area of quantum information? What’s that you say? I’m the wrong guy to even try to explain it but for dummies like me, see here. It covers esoterica such as qua...

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Chess Predicts Ukrainian Win - if Putin Threatens Nukes

Ukraine and Russia are both chess world powers. Who is winning through the prism of the chess board? The Peace Count Both Ukraine and Russia are powerful chess powers. So, as an admittedly poor player myself, I thought it would be worth figuring out who’s in the better position on the chess board. Here’s my take. Pawns – These are the foot soldiers...

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Big Bang or Tiny Pops?

Data from the James Webb Telescope suggest that there might not have been a Big Bang. What about countless tiny pops? The Big Bang is Dead, Long Live the Tiny Pops If you want to look truly up with the latest, just tell your credulous colleagues that the James Webb Telescope (JWT) shows us that the Big Bang didn’t happen. Instant street cred for su...

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My Brain Hack for Innovation

Here’s a way to get solutions to problems. It isn’t new but many people wouldn’t know about it. Happy to Introduce you to Joe It’s possible to program your brain to become more innovative.  But you mustn’t meddle with your brain; it likes to call its own shots. It doesn’t like to be told what to do either. I want to pass on to my readers a hack I h...

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Are Black Holes Alive?

There’s RNA in space. What happens when black holes pull it in?

Drinking the Vastness of the Void

Did you see that astronomers have spotted a huge cloud containing RNA in the Milky Way? What’s that all about. Isn’t RNA supposed to be tucked away on terra firma comfortably in our warm cuddly bodies?

As we know RNA is a precursor of DNA and serves to manufacture proteins for our bodies. Could there possibly be embryos being formed in the cold vastness of space. Kind of unlikely one would think.

Oh yes and bye the way did you also know that there are giant molecules of alcohol (actually methyl alcohol) in space too? For someone to drink perhaps on those interminable voyages between star clusters (although this form of alcohol sends you blind)?

RNA is a relatively large molecule. We used to think that large molecules could not exist in space as they would be broken up by the many errant radiations out in the sticks. But now we know otherwise. We already knew that amino acid molecules are also out there. So, what else could be lurking?

How about DNA? Why not? And if there are DNA out there as well as RNA, could there also be free-floating life out there? Might it not be easier for these molecules to join up and self-assemble since they already do it on Earth and there are less pesky things to get in the way in space like viruses and bacteria.

But if you could get DNA floating around, why not even larger molecules? Ones that cannot exist on Earth, so we haven’t seen them. Could there be macro-molecules similar in concept to DNA that could form life forms orders of magnitude more complex than we have right now, as exemplified by that primitive multi-cellular organism called homo sapiens?

Could these massive molecules portend new life forms that are so complex they are unrecognizable by us humans? Ones that could be as large as a complete solar system with planets?

So, there are macro-molecules out there. What could it all mean?

Black Holes R’Us

It’s becoming increasingly clear that black holes are a critical part of the grand design. They have their own lifecycle, being born and then dying somehow although exactly how we don’t know. But it seems to be that there’s at least on mega-black hole at the center of each galaxy and they are part of galactic evolution. Without them you probably don’t get galaxies and by extension, us. So, they are part of the human story too, at least in our own galaxy.

Which brings me to the point. If a black hole is part of the human, if not at least the biological, story, is all that RNA and alcohol part of the deal too. If so, how?

Well one thing we’ve got to take into account is the sheer size of black holes. So far the biggest one we know of is 66 BILLION times the mass of the Sun. That’s a lot of Big Macs.

What does all that stuff do inside the black hole? (See my post “What’s really inside black holes?” 24 March 2018)  We don’t know, but it must be interesting for sure. And since we haven’t seen many black holes, relatively speaking, maybe there are black holes that are still way larger!

But here’s where I’m going. These black holes are omnivorous as far as we know and pull in everything and anything around them. That would undoubtedly include clouds of RNA and alcohol. What happens to this stuff inside the hole. Does it form life for instance?

Life in the Dark

If there’s life inside the black hole that raises a whole range of scenarios. More humans perhaps? Dinosaurs? Trees 10,000 fee high/ God? The list goes on. In fact, those black holes might not be 66 billion tons of inert mass. It could be 66 billion tons of life! And since there’s a lot of big black holes around the various infinitude of galaxies, that means there could be a lot of life in the universe. That is, not just restricted to the odd, lonely exoplanet.

Of course, when said RNA is pulled into a black hole, maybe it is stripped down to its constituent electronic particles never to be seen again. Or maybe it remembers the form of the RNA and reconstructs it from epigenetic spatial memory. Or maybe by some mechanism of which we are yet, in our primeval ignorance, not aware, it protects itself and survives to become the Blob, just very, very large. And, just maybe, very, very intelligent.

So maybe we’re thinking the wrong way when we talk about life being found, on Mars, the occasional exoplanet, on under the oceans of watery moons. Perhaps the real answer is that we have to look inside black holes as being the most likely location of life, including intelligent life.

Dark Life Forms?

Now I am aware of course that thesekill-joy astronomers tell us that you can’t get inside black hole otherwise you’ll be stretched into spaghetti millions of miles long, and maybe they’re right. But could AI, computers and math look for it for us in weird and wonderful ways to tell us what forms of life could exist there? If we’re into discovering new stuff, shouldn’t we be doing that also? Especially if there could be Gods there, or ultrasmart beings that could solve all our problems including climate change and free food?

Could it be that most of the universe, not just black holes, is mainly made of living things and the rocky stuff is actually a minority? Could that mean that most of the universe is conscious, and likely sentient at the same time?

The James Webb telescope and astronomy are revolutionizing the way we think. Even if the meanderings here are totally idiotic, it’s clear that these sorts of questions are going to come up in an amplified sense.

Makes the woke stuff look trivial right?





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The Alzheimer’s Research Fiasco – 1% Fraud, 99% Groupthink

We have posted on numerous occasions that the global research industry for Alzheimer’s was taking the wrong route. Even we didn’t suspect that there was deliberate fraud. The Low Road For many years we have posted our opinion that worldwide research for Alzheimer’s had taken the wrong path. That path of course was the amyloid hypothesis. We said th...

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Could carrying abortion pills lead to arrests for carrying guns?

Could carrying abortion pills lead to arrests for carrying guns? We’ve just created a new market for illegal drugs. It might lead to cross-liability for carrying guns. Pill Candy I recently asked a scientist friend of mine how easy it would be to manufacture the two main abortifacients – the drugs used for medical abortion. While no expert, he told...

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Emissions Reduction is Kaput – But It Will Happen Anyway

myNGXY7z6Jce It’s become crystal clear that humans will never achieve a sustainable planet. But the inevitable population crash will do it for us. Is the Law an Ass? No doubt you noticed that the Supreme Court just hobbled the EPA in its powers to promote a reduction in CO2 emissions. But actually he Supremes are not the problem here. Globally the ...

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Forget Any Hope of a Cure for Alzheimer’s in the Foreseeable Future

Yeah, there’s tons of research but the Alzheimer’s community, well-meaning as it is, is wedded to bureaucratic approaches which have totally stymied any true innovation. Definition of Insanity Applies OK, everyone will say how much research is going on in the field and the setbacks are just temporary, yada yada. But the failures in the Alzheimer’s ...

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Where Were the Guns on January 6?

Who gave the order not to use guns? The Real Stand-Down Order? I usually stay clear of politics; you usually can’t win. But this issue is shouting out so loud to be heard, I can’t avoid it. So here goes. Where were the guns of January 6? I saw the videos of the Congress riots and could see batons and pepper spray galore but no guns. What gives? We ...

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Are the UFOs Trying to Tell Us Something?

You’d expect politicians to miss important stuff when they discussed UFOs. They did. Did Oumuamua Bring them? So, Congress just had hearings on UFOs (what they call UAPs – unexplained aerial phenomena). What does that all mean? That aliens exist?? For the record I’m going to assume that the UFOs Congress discussed are not of Earthly origin, coz oth...

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Is the Crisis in Mental Health Caused by Climate Change?

We now realize that we won’t solve climate change. Is that why mental health globally has just taken a big turn for the worse? Climate Change Again Yeah, I know, climate change causes everything right? So why not problems with mental health to add to the list? But hear me out on this one as I’m not a reflexive climate change promoter. As I’m sure y...

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Will Ukraine Go Nuclear?

No security guarantees can be relied on by Ukraine, even if they are from the US Nuclear Aggression is Never Time-Stamped There’s a big problem for Ukraine n fighting Russia. Even if it wins, Russia could always use its nukes on Ukraine, and then Ukraine loses. So, nothing can ever be sure for Ukraine. As long as there’s a Russia, it’s the same old...

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The Secret Weapon for Ukraine in a Nuclear War

Prevailing winds will preferentially blow radioactivity towards Russia if it uses nukes. The Winds of War There’s been a lot of talk about the potential for Russia to use nukes in Ukraine. I’ve been one of the worriers. But there’s a factor that hasn’t been taken into account. The wind. Even with a tactical nuke there will be radioactivity. Any mor...

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Russian Daughtocracy - Is Putin’s Family a Solution?

They’re probably the only people in the world he would allow to take over. Families and How to Survive Them You probably know, somewhat dimly, that Putin has 2 daughters, Mariya and Katerina. Putin doesn’t talk much about them and we don’t know much either because he wants it that way. But they’re definitely his daughters, and he seems to have a fa...

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Can a Nuclear Country Be Defeated?

MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) was supposed to protect us. Until it can’t. The Experiment from Hell Now we have an interesting and terrifying experiment. That is, a nuclear power that is being at least partially defeated by a non-nuclear power. How does this all end? The theory, ever since nuclear weapons were first developed, is that no-one will...

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How Many Coming Nuclear Wars?

myNGXY7z6Jce myNGXY7z6Jce There’s talk about a nuclear world war. If only we could be so lucky. Whose Turn Next? The war in Ukraine could well lead to a nuclear war. Whether or not it’s a world war is another matter. Russia has plenty of nukes and maybe, frighteningly, some that we don’t yet have, namely hypersonic missiles. There’s plenty of ways ...

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Do ETs Believe in God?

My Point: If we do indeed meet them, this is something you want to know. Full Disclosure: My last post was about the James Webb Telescope and ETs (“Is the JWT (James Webb Space Telescope) a Sitting Duck for ETs?”). My friend, #Tony Barr, best known as the creator of the SAS language and the lead founder of the SAS Institute, asked me this question....

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Can You Measure Value Creation for Government and Nonprofits?

What’s the Point? You can predict the value that nonprofits and government are creating by assessing the value-adding behaviors of their leaders.   Full disclosure: This references my research into the financial styles of CEOs (see “The Three Financial Styles of Very Successful CEOs”) Government Childcare Program Not Working (Gasp) Did you see this...

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Is the JWT (James Webb Space Telescope) a Sitting Duck for ETs?

Through a Glass Darkly We’ve all been seeing the press releases about the recent launch of the JWST. Its something else again. It can peer 46 billion light-years, to the edge of our known universe. That’s a really long way. Actually the longest except for the diameter of the universe which is, of course, around 93 billion light years. How in heaven...

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